Embassy Diplomats and Attachés

Mr. Abdul Hadi NejrabiMinister Plenipotentiary/ DCM202-483-6410 ext.1006
Mr. Safiullah DelawarEconomic Counselor - Consul202-483-6410 ext.1007
Mrs. Hadeia Amiry Political Counselor - Congress202-483-6410 ext.1010
Mr. Ahmad Fawad NazamiPolitical Counselor202-483-6410 ext.1024
Mr. S. Zabihullah MahdiarSocial and Cultural Affairs Counselor202-483-6410 ext.1009
Mr. Mohammad Akbar QuraishiFirst Secretary - Security Affairs202-483-6410 ext.1011
Mr. Jawad RahaFirst Secretary  - Political Affairs202-483-6410 ext.1014
Mr. Abdul Wali Walid Head of Administration and Finance202-483-6410 ext.1004
Ms. Sadaf Niazai Passport Officer202-483-6410 Ext.1022
Mr. Sulaiman MoradiEconomic Affairs Officer202-483-6410 ext.1012
Mr. Ibrahim Farzam Legal Officer202-483-6410 ext.1020
Mr. Abdul Wali AhmadzaiLegal Officer202-483-6410 ext.1021
Mr. Abdul Hadi Barakzai Military/Defense Attaché 202-483-6410 ext.1027
Mr. Hashmatullah QaniAssistant to Military/Defense Attaché 202-483-6410 ext.1027 
Mr. Jahan Zeb SulaimankhilHead of the Visa Section 202-483-6410 ext.1023 
Mr. Jawed JoyaCommercial Attaché 202-483-6410

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