Aschiana Foundation Recognizes Ambassador Mohib and Mrs. Lael Mohib for Longstanding Support of the Foundation

February 11, 2017 – Afghan Ambassador Hamdullah Mohib and Mrs. Lael Mohib were honored by the Aschiana Foundation at their annual benefit gala, held February 8 at the Japanese Embassy. 

The Ambassador and Mrs. Mohib were recognized for their longstanding support of the Aschiana Foundation and its work helping vulnerable Afghan children gain an education and better start in life.

 Aschiana Foundation President Sanya Younossi praised the Mohibs for their “invaluable” help with the group’s mission, which is to “invest in the education and well-being of vulnerable children in Afghanistan to give them hope for a brighter future and to contribute to lasting peace and security for the nation.”

 Former U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan James Cunningham introduced the Mohibs. “I want to commend Hamdullah Mohib and his wife for taking on challenges in helping to build Afghanistan,” he said. “They exemplify the best of what Afghanistan has to offer, and represent Afghanistan in the future.”

Mrs. Mohib told the gathering, “It is a tremendous honor and humbling experience to be representing the Afghan people in the United States and to do all we can do during our privileged time at the Embassy for the Afghan people.”

  In his remarks, Ambassador Mohib praised the Aschiana Foundation for its work supporting street children in Afghanistan, and noted the importance of organizations like Aschiana in Afghanistan. “In our country, the people who are kind enough to provide opportunity for children’s education and give them warm meals are not that many, so we appreciate the ones that help in those areas,” Ambassador Mohib said.

 He added, “We are a country that has never produced a single bullet but has never run out of them. Bullets are far more expensive than bread, and that speaks volumes about the kind of world we are living in and why organizations like Aschiana are so important. There is no better investment in Afghanistan’s secure, stable future than the education of our children.”

Founded in 1995, Aschiana (which means “Nest” in Dari) is a grassroots organization based in Kabul that provides thousands of vulnerable, impoverished children in Afghanistan with education, daily meals, and most importantly, a place to be a child and feel safe. Aschiana provides programs in literacy and vocational skills, and most importantly, a path to become a contributing member of society.

 For more information, visit their website here.