CARE Global Leaders Network: Supporting Afghan Girls and Their Dreams

December 12, 2017 

The Embassy of Afghanistan in Washington D.C. hosted CARE USA as part of its Global Leaders Network in support of Afghanistan with over 100 guests in attendance, among them distinguished Ambassadors, General Carter Ham, General John Campbell, Representative John Garamendi and his wife Patricia, friends and colleagues from the Embassies of Canada and Australia, the U.S. State Department, the Department of Defense and USAID. The event was presented by CARE USA President and CEO, Michelle Nunn.  

CARE has done extensive work in regards to Afghan women and children’s rights and education. Since 1994, CARE has supported more than 300 community-based schools throughout Afghanistan, especially in rural areas. More than 125,000 students have been enrolled through CARE, 66% of them girls. CARE has also trained and recruited more than 5,000 school teachers, 36% of whom are female, improved nearly 80 government schools and built 21 new ones. 

Afghan Ambassador to the United States, H.E. Hamdullah Mohib welcomed guests by speaking about the importance of CARE’s work in Afghanistan especially. “Since its establishment in Afghanistan in 1961,” Ambassador Mohib said, “CARE has remained committed to the country and our people.” He continued, “They have been consistently on the ground.” Following Ambassador Mohib’s remarks, CEO and President of CARE USA, Michelle Nunn introduced Senator Jeanne Shaheen. Senator Shaheen delivered a special thanks to CARE and the positive changes they have brought to Afghanistan. She said, “One of the big reasons that I have supported our continued engagement in Afghanistan is because of the difference it has made for women and girls.” CARE USA then awarded Susan Retik, Nancy Frees Fountain and Tex Fountain, and Dusty Huscher for their outstanding work on behalf of the organization, followed by remarks from Huscher. He told listeners of the impact choosing to work with CARE in Afghanistan has had on his life, as families and communities have enthusiastically embraced educating their girls. Former US Ambassador to Afghanistan Ryan Crocker spoke about the incredible progress Afghanistan has made in the realm of education, reaching over 9 million students enrolled in school today, at least 40% of them girls. Retired Army General Carter Ham also delivered remarks, telling guests of the importance of non-military components in overcoming insecurity and achieving lasting peace and stability. 

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