Launch of NASA’s CubeStat Could Lead to Afghanistan’s Own Satellite

On September 29, 2017, Ambassador Hamdullah Mohib met with representatives of NASA, Dr. Alexander MacDonald, Senior Economic Advisor and Kent Brass, Director at the International and Interagency Relations to discuss space engineering and NASA’s educational programs. 

Dr. MacDonald briefed the Ambassador on the creation and launch of a new CubeSat, which is a class of nanosatellites used in government and industry and also for educational purposes. The launch of the new CubStat could be an initial step for Afghanistan to start building its own satellite. 

Mr. Bress explained several of NASA’s educational programs already implemented in many countries, among them the Globe Program which allows students and the public worldwide to participate in data collection and the scientific process.

The meeting concluded with both sides agreeing to further explore CubeStat and find paths to implement NASA’s educational programs in schools throughout Afghanistan.