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Germany is one of the stable economies in the world, so to live in Germany or visit and communicate with those people is a good thing. Moreover, if you are learning the German language, then the German Whatsapp groups links are given here for you to join now and start chatting.

Germany has had one of the lowest unemployment rates – something that has not happened in the last 30-35 years. In short: anyone who speaks German at some level can find a job. 

However, this will generally be unskilled work and will likely be hired by a recruitment company that will “hire as the third party” and then depute them to larger companies that need manpower for any project. 

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Let’s not forget, however, that we are talking about a foreigner in Germany, and although German society is MUCH more tolerant than any society to foreigners in their country (I’m serious), this does not mean that they will accept foreigners warmly in their lives. So a part of the Whatsapp group can benefit you during your visit and study as well.

Of course, there is a huge difference between individual Germans, their way of upbringing and personal experience with foreigners, but a foreigner in Germany stays that way for a VERY long time if They show no interest in German culture, in the rules of society – and naturally stay away from life. A matter of choice. If they see that you work, have goals and strive to achieve them, and show interest in their culture – they respect you and even help you.

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Life in Germany is subject to accuracy – not only as a time indicator but also as behavior, task performance, thinking, the attitude between people.

The cleanliness is really impressive – especially how the streets, gardens even the spaces between the blocks are maintained. There are many different cultural events from which one can choose what he/she likes. You can also spend your weekend on short trips. 

Hope you like the list. This list is updated regularly, so do visit back and find new groups. Good luck with Germans 🙂