The Day After Tomorrow Review and Updates

The day after tomorrow : Earth is on brink of complete global warming. In the new movie, “The Day After Tomorrow,” an unnamed world with a five degree rise in temperature is in throes of massive global climate change and nearly every country is ready to adopt drastic measures to kick it into full action. Science is on verge of a major breakthrough, but it isn’t without significant resistance.

The Day After Tomorrow  Story, Cast and Trailer

Co-writer and director Roland Emmerich gave us an entertaining film about Independence Day disaster; this one contains some of same ingredients, but they don’t mix well.

There is no heart or bell in this movie that brought Will Smith, Robert Loggia, and Jeff Goldblum to Independence Day.

It has stunning visuals and stunning special effects, from basketball-sized hailstones in Tokyo to a huge Russian ship floating like a ghost on ancient 5th Avenue. But as much as it has ever been fun to see devastated New York, which has certainly declined since 9/11.

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This movie gives us too much destruction, but also too little – we only see a small group of corpses and the survivors face almost old-fashioned and antiseptic issues compared to smaller disasters in real life.

This drama also seems oddly muffled; With the exception of vice president’s arrogance, almost everyone is equally calm, dedicated, resigned and heroic. Will we not see panic? Selfishness? Despair? Consequences ? Coupled with the ridiculous twists and turns, this reduces emotional impact of the film’s themes even further.

Main Cast

Dennis Quaid … Jack Hall
Jake Gyllenhaal … Sam Hall
Emmy Rossum … Laura Chapman
Dash Mihok … Jason Evans
Jay O. Sanders … Frank Harris
Sela Ward … Dr. Lucy Hall
Austin Nichols … J.D.
Arjay Smith … Brian Parks
Tamlyn Tomita … Janet Tokada
Sasha Roiz … Parker
Ian Holm Ian Holm … Terry Rapson
Nassim Sharara … Saudi Delegate
Carl Alacchi … Venezuelan Delegate
Kenneth Welsh … Vice President Becker
]Michel ‘Gish’ Abou-Samah … Saudi Translator (as Michael A. Samah)
Robin Wilcock … Tony
Jason Blicker … Paul

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The Day After Tomorrow Official Trailer

Can we download The Day After Tomorrow Urdu Hindi Dubbed?

Yes there are places like Netflix and hulu etc that provide such dubbing.