Colin Jost Net Worth, Family and All

The late night host Colin Jost net worth is of $6-8 million. He is best known for his work on the show Saturday Night Live and he was a writer for The Onion News Network. He also co-hosts with Michael Che.

Colin Jost Net Worth Now

It is not uncommon for celebrities to have a net worth that exceeds the average person’s. For instance, Colin Jost has an estimated net worth of $8 million. What makes his story different is how he achieved this level of success? Here are all details about him and his family.

Colin Jost History

He was born on November 29th, 1979 in Staten Island and attended the University of Richmond where he graduated with degrees in both English and History.

His comedy career started with writing for Saturday Night Live before moving onto being a head writer for its Weekend Update segment. The show has won Emmy awards as well as multiple nominations during Colin’s tenure there making him one of the most sought after comedians out there today.

Colin Jost Family and parents

colin jost family net worth

Colin Jost is a comedian who has been on Saturday Night Live for 12 years. He had an interesting childhood, his father was in the military so he traveled around with him and lived all over the world as well as living in New Jersey. His parents divorced when he was 11 and it sent him into depression.

Colin then moved to Montclair NJ where he went to public school but still spent summers at his dad’s house in New Hampshire which helped build up a lot of character.

He graduated from Brown University majoring in history and political science, but after college didn’t know what to do next because comedy wasn’t something that you could study or take classes for so he started doing stand-up at open mic nights every week until one day.

His wife Scarlett, his son Walter and his daughter Alice. They all live in NYC with him and they seem very happy together.