Lando Norris Net Worth 2024 Family Cars

Lando Norris is a in the spot light among speed racers. Many are speculating his networth but what is the actual worth? Lets get this straight here.

Name Lando Norris
Birth of Date Nov 13, 1999
Birth of Place Bristol, United Kingdom
What does he do Motorsports racing driver
Girlfriend Name  Luisinha Oliveira
Net Worth Approx $3 million

Lando Norris Networth and Career start


Lando Norris has been a revelation for McLaren since joining the team in 2018, winning the F2 championship in his rookie year. He has been fast from the outset, finishing second in the opening round of the 2019 season and then winning four races in the second half of the season to secure the title.

His networth estimated at $3 Million in 2024 , which will definitely increase in 2024.

Lando Norris Dad and Family

His father name is Adam Norris and is one of the richest person in UK. He is 47 now and a retired pensions manager. Lando Norris was born on Nov 13, 1999 in Coventry, England

Lando Norris House


The place is owned by Lando Norris. He has a sim room with a lot of space in the front and backyard. This house got most modern structure and being a celebrity Lando is taking full comfort in it.

Age and Height

As he was born in November 13, 1999 so his age is 22 years now , pretty young age for a million dollar worth racing person. Lando Norris Height is 5 feet 7 inches.

Car and Salary

His salary is estimated at $20 Million which is amazing for his young age but the kind of extreme racing sports he is in, its normal . Because he is putting his life in risk in Maclauren F1 series. Here is his cars collection:

Car Collection of Lando Norris Price
Mclaren 570 GT $204,500
Mclaren 720S $301,000
Mclaren GT $215,000

So that’s all for networth of Lando Norris, hope you got all the information necessary, If you have any question please feel free to ask.