Digital nomads living in Europe

Who are the digital nomads everyone is talking about? What do they do? Are they real nomads, or is it just a metaphor for something?

This concept is not something new, since so many people decide to embrace this approach and move to some European country for better conditions. Or, maybe just to have more fun while working remotely. They can even find a better job at some point and stay in a foreign country forever.

The digital nomad concept is a solution, so the question is, what was the issue at all?

As the big cities are reaching their maximum capacity that brings problems like being constantly in a hurry waiting in markets and waiting in traffic jams more than it should last.

Also, evolving technology allows you to get your job done remotely from anywhere you have a stable internet connection. That’s why more and more people every day are giving away their boring office jobs and deciding to work in peaceful villages, beaches, or even every day from different locations since they are not tied to geographic location, just like the old nomads did to find food for their animals and were not tied to a fixed residence. As you suppose, this is the inspiration and connection to the digital nomads.

Europe is heaven for digital nomads even from other continents, especially the smaller cities or villages in the small countries. Recently, many countries tried to create a safe haven for digital nomads, and Spain is one of them. You can even learn more about their remote working conditions at

There are a few things to consider before choosing a location.

Cost of living

Depending on how much the nomad earns this might be a key factor to consider before choosing a location. There are many affordable places around Europe making them an ideal choice for digital nomads. On the other hand, you probably earn enough to afford some attractive location.

Of course, the price of remote living and working must be a basic parameter in making the decision. It will help you decide which country to choose and how to adapt there more easily.

Local laws and regulations

As digital nomadism is evolving some countries are offering attractive conditions for foreign nomads since they stay there spend their money there and have a positive influence on the local economy, they have like special visas for nomads, free from taxes, etc.

At this point, it’s important to get informed on local laws and policies and learn what it takes to adapt to the particular society.

The best European countries for digital nomads

The economic crisis and the quarantine of 2020 have caused an increase in the number of remote workers, some of whom have become digital nomads for the first time, choosing to work in new countries.

According to statistics, despite the pandemic, Croatia was one of the most visited countries in the Mediterranean. It is especially suitable for digital nomads due to its pleasant Mediterranean climate, and beautiful landscape on the sea, and offers numerous interesting content and cultural sights due to its rich cultural and historical heritage.

Digital nomads are usually very curious and ambitious people who, when choosing destinations to work from home, have the desire to get to know the people and culture of the new destination. They often choose apartments with a terrace and a view of a beautiful landscape, which affects their productivity and motivation to work.

Many people finally recognize Croatian potential, but still, there are many attractive locations in Europe you can consider your next remote working destination, including:

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is the perfect combination of a developed European city with all the advantages it offers and sunny days on the beach. Lisbon is a university town, which means a lot of space for education, as well as for socializing.

It is safe and quite large, with beaches, and more options for renting tables in co-working spaces. Also, it’s easily accessible from any European location, making it perfect for digital nomads from the Balkans, Eastern Europe, or any other country.

Malaga, Spain

Spain is very popular among digital nomads. Spain adopted a whole special work visa, which provides special advantages to digital nomads coming from outside the EU. In Spain, several companies help digital nomads to find each other and connect more easily.

Despite the fact that there are more exemplary places in Spain, the absolute winner is the seaside town of Malaga. Living in Malaga is cheaper, youthful, urban, and relaxed. The first center for digital nomads in the world also operates there.

Ohrid, North Macedonia

It’s such an exceptional place to visit because it’s a combination of a modern town by the lake, charming architecture, delicious food, and one of the best remote places for digital nomads.

We suggest checking on the conditions for digital nomads. Macedonia is not an EU member, so the conditions can be different compared to the Union’s. Also, get ready to swim in one of the oldest lakes in the world, which attracts so many tourists every year.

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Also, it can be quite expensive for the nomads, so you need to calculate the overall cost and compare it to your earnings. Surely you can work on more projects, but we suggest not missing the city’s beautiful attractions while there. And if you overwhelm your schedule with many tasks, you can easily fail to do that.


Take your time and explore as many exceptional European locations as ideal for digital nomads. We mentioned a few locations, but you have many other countries worth visiting, like Greece, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, or even Norway or Finland. But, we must note that even though Europe is quite a small continent, the welfare status is different in every country.

So, you have many choices, from very cheap to quite expensive places. It’s up to you to find what suits you best.

And we hope that we helped you with your choice.