Dororo Season 2 Release Date, Plot and Characters

A Japanese lord from the Warring States period pledges to give anything in order to save his land and dominate it. When he gets what he wished for, only this time with a trade-off: His son is born missing many of his organs. Dororo Season 2 is coming back soon.

He sends him away right after birth, but due to guilt over not following through on disposing of the child himself, tries looking out for Hyakkimaru’s well being as best she can while raising her own children instead.

The sage who found young Hyakkimaru uses some spare parts ike s eyes that were donated by other people (possibly even relatives) so he could be seen again before teaching him how become a ronin samurai at an early age.

“Dororo” is a dark fantasy anime series that debuted on Amazon Prime in 2019. The show was rebooted after airing as an animated TV series back in 1968 and then as live-action movie 2007.

Dororo also inspired “Blood Will Tell,” which went viral for being the first game to use finger swipes, all thanks to Osamu Tezuka himself! With only one season with 24 episodes so far, will there be another? Here’s what we know about Season 2 of this popular anime.

Is there any release date for Dororo Season 2?

The story of a young warrior with one eye, “Dororo,” has been left unfinished. The producers at Mappa have not renewed the show for any more seasons and it is uncertain whether or not they will ever make another season again due to lack of popularity abroad in English-speaking countries – though there are rumours that this could change if new DVD releases come out soon
in America.

Unfortunately, there is no news about whether a renewal will happen for the show. This leaves fans in suspense as to what might come next and how long they’ll have to wait.

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The original manga only has three volumes which means that it’s much shorter than some other anime adaptations of popular mangas–and this also may mean less material if Season 2 ever takes place. If another season were announced tomorrow, production would take at least one year before release!

Any one new in the cast of Dororo Season 2?

“Dororo” is an anime series following the adventures of a demon-slaying swordsman and his young ward. Though it has not been announced yet if “Dororo” will be renewed for Season 2, more information may come out as its first season progresses.

The English dubbing team does not have to change significantly in order to continue with another season, given that there are no new or returning members who need time off from work after such a long break between seasons.

Some changes might occur due to the passing of Akio Ôtsuka (voice actor behind Jukai), but he would most likely still record voice lines before his death so they could use them at their discretion when deciding whether or not they wanted him.


The English dubbed version of the show will be a new and exciting addition to fans. While currently without an official release date, it is expected that this newest series in the long-running franchise will debut soon enough for eager viewers.

The 2019 adaptation was written by Yasuko Kobayashi with direction from Kazuhiro Furuhashi; both are veterans within their respective fields who have contributed much throughout their careers which span over four decades each.

This project also carries on one more responsibility as being produced by Mappa, Tezuka Productions, and Twin Engine–a trio well versed in adapting some of Japan’s most beloved properties into animation form while maintaining authenticity to its source material. The team behind “My Hero Academia” has done it. There are other anime series that have filler list like Black Clover Filler List so you can check them out.

What’s the plot of Dororo Season 2?

One reason that many people are not expecting a renewal of the show is because it lacks in direction. The main character has lost 48 organs, which means he had to go on an epic journey through his own body for years before getting them back.

However, since there were only 12 missing when the anime came out and they seem much more manageable than finding all 48 again (which would take years), this ending may be coming faster than expected as well.

The new “Dororo” does conclude the story, but its different from original. It removed a plotline that put young Dororo season 2 back to his pre-manga state of lacking any organs other than heart and brain without furthering him down on his epic years long journey – something which was canceled due to poor sales numbers towards its end.