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Football whatsapp groups links are most widely searched term specially for soccer fans.  Originally from England, football is the most played sport in the world. As a team, football owes its success to the simplicity of the rules of the game and relatively accessible practice.

Who hasn’t dreamed of winning numerous trophies and becoming a world-renowned football legend? If only a few reach this level, it is still possible to give yourself the maximum chance to progress, here are some tips to apply throughout the year.

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Like any sport, soccer has its own rules of play. The number one objective of this sport is to score more goals than the opposing team. But that is not all. Even if some rules may seem incomprehensible, a good knowledge of the rules is actually necessary to understand all the characteristics of this sport and to blend in with this above all collective sport and  social media will help you in this, specially the whatsapp group link here can bring you latest updates about many soccer clubs like Liverpool , chelsia , bacelona etc

It is therefore important to know all the rules in order to avoid making mistakes and putting your teammates and team in difficulty. One of the basic rules that must be learned is that no matter how familiar you are with the rules, the only person who will make the decision will be the arbitrator and you will have to respect it. So learn the rules from following soccer whatsapp groups:


Soccer Livescore Whatsapp Group Link

This is not your position in the field. When you receive the ball from your teammate, you become a target for your opponents. You must be able to ensure by keeping the ball or passing it to another. The ball must therefore in no case escape you and return to the opponent.

This is one of the tips for playing good soccer . You have to use every trick to stand out from the crowd. This is where your mastery of the ball and dribbling skills will really help you. Whatsapp groups will help yu a lot in this matter.

If you don’t pass the ball to a teammate , you can try to score a goal . However, make sure you are in a good position that gives you a chance to succeed. If your chances are low, choose the pass option.


Football Premier League Whatsapp Group Link

Football premier league is no doubt an authority in this game. We have brought you whatsapp groups for this league to learn more as you know to become a great player, you have to reproduce the techniques of great players . They are indeed more experienced than you and have already experienced several different situations. They therefore manage to react better to the problems encountered in the field.

You must therefore be inspired by their stories and their routines to forge yourself a victorious character. However, only focus on well-targeted professionals. They should preferably occupy your position in the field.

Observe carefully their ways of moving, passing, dribbling and scoring goals. Their skills will allow you to improve yourself and make radical decisions in the face of situations.

You can watch them during live or recorded matches. You can get it in several ways or register it personally. Interviews or documentaries on their subjects are also very interesting to help you progress.


While running effort is not a full 90 minutes, a player’s ability to meet the demands of repetition is often the key to the game. Indeed, you can be the strongest player technically on the field.

If you are unable to keep up the pace over time or you fall with each contact with an opponent, your impact on the match will be nonexistent and will force your coach to most often leave you on the bench.

It is therefore essential that you improve your endurance by training regularly to play your match in the best possible conditions. Three points are essential to improve: power, speed and endurance.

So we hope these whatsapp groups will bring you a lot of value in your football passion. These links are updated and will be updated regularly. If you find any non working just comment below.