How to Type Malayalam in Whatsapp For Android and iphone

Are you a Malayalam or want to type in Malayalam in Whatsapp? Whatsapp is a great way to connect to people across the globe as well as in your local community.  This article will teach you how to write malayalam in whatsapp in details.

Normally whatsapp have more than forty languages in IOS (iPhone) and around sixty in android mobiles. Being able to chat in Malayalam is you are Malayali is a fantasy for many.

There are plenty of ways to type in Malayalam, but you can do it with any search engine. You will find the manglish application where English is typed for words that are not available on your keyboard. Copy and paste those into WhatsApp!

This post is like a tutorial to teach you on how to enable type in Malayalam without facing issue on your cell phones even in PC.

5 Steps How to type Malayalam in WhatsApp- Download and enable keyboard

Malayalee, the official state language of Kerala, is a right from the South Indian language. If you want to learn how to type Malayalam in whatsapp, you’re in luck because today we are going to talk about Malayalam keyword for whatsapp.

This post will teach you how to download and how to voice type Malayalam in whatsapp in a simple and easy way. It’s worth your while to learn how to enable Malayalee typing keyboard in android and iphone, since it’s a frequently used language by people from all over the world.

Once you know how to enable it then you will really enjoy our Kerala WhatsApp Group Links list.

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Step -1 Preparation on ios and android :

  • So the first step for how to type Malayalam in WhatsApp is to have a look for the play store app on your mobile, normally it’s in the same folder of Gmail and other Google apps. 
  • Now search Google Handwriting 
  • Install this keyword, it’s a kind of app that is of small size and has native languages as well.
  • Click Empower Google Handwrite input 
  • Now select Google handwriting input from many other options.
  • From languages select Malayalee.

Step 2-  Download Malayalam Language Pack for google Malayalam keyboard

Now restart mobile and when it’s opened tap the option of the content box. Your default keyword will be shown. Now go to settings and turn off that default keyboard. This will show only the new keyboard. Malayalam typing in whatsapp is not that difficult. 

At that point, a popup will ask to download the languages pack, click proceed and it will download 12 MB for Malayalee google font. 

Once done click on the bottom left where you will see many languages there select Malayalee and then save. 

Here you can also restart to help smartphones to adopt changes. Now open Whatsapp again and click on the content box. 

Step 3- Start Writing Malayalam

That’s it guys and girls, you will see the Malayalee language on your mobile keypad now on Whatsapp. I hope this answered your many questions like How do I use the manglish keyboard on WhatsApp? How can I type Malayalam on my English keyboard? Etc. Enjoy and stay connected.

If you still find it difficult then here is the video:

Voice Type Malayalam in Whatsapp

After how to put malayalam in whatsapp now voice typing is a very useful technology for anyone who is always on the go. It allows us to type even when we’re driving, running errands, or otherwise distracted.

Like any other language Malayalam Voice typing is also possible that allows us to type anything at any time and with as little effort as possible especially on whatsapp. This is wonderful because it enables us to type things like emails, messages or notes even when we’re in places where typing is difficult. Follow simple steps to do that:

  1. Download Malayalam voice typing keyboard
  2. Enable it in your keypad settings in android or ios
  3. Now open it up and speak
  4. It will automatically convert to Malayalam words.

That’s it, this is the whole method on how to type Malayalam in whatsapp hope you find it useful, let us know in the comments.