Are whatsapp groups safe – 7 Tips to Protect WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messengers in the world, however  its users are constantly exposed to multiple attacks and threats. Even despite the fact that the developers have introduced encryption, you need to adhere to some rules and tips in order not to become victims of scammers and other crooks.
More over as there are so many whatsapp group links available to join where people communicate with each other and make friends , get live news , jobs , etc from multiple locations like UK , USA , Canda , Netherland , Germany , Pakistan and India.

Are whatsapp groups encrypted?

Generally whatsapp has introduced an encryption feature that enables the application to safely lock the conversations and user data however its important to take some steps in order to keep your account safe from any un wanted attacks.

Interested to join a few whatsapp groups? Here is a list:

1. Use the web version more efficiently

The web version of WhatsApp makes it easier to read and send messages to your colleagues, friends and family. All you need to do is read the QR code with your phone. After that, all messages will be available on the computer through the browser.

WhatsApp Web - remember to disconnect when leaving your computer

When you leave your computer, remember to disconnect the connection so that no one can read your private messages on the computer after you leave. This is especially important if you were connecting on someone else’s computer.

You can disconnect connections directly from your phone in the WhatsApp Web section.

2. Use two-factor authentication

The developers have added additional protection to prevent outsiders from gaining access to your correspondence.

This additional element is a pin code that will need to be entered after activating the device and the WhatsApp program on it.

3. Deny access of strangers to your avatar

To prevent strangers from seeing your avatar, set the appropriate option in the program settings. is enough to allow contacts to see your photo, and outsiders will not be able to do it.

4. Hide photos and videos in the gallery

One of the most annoying features of WhatsApp is that if someone sent you a photo or video, they immediately go to your gallery.

To avoid this and not accidentally give out the secrets of friends who may send you something personal, use a simple file manager to create a file named .nomedia in the WhatsApp media folder and restart your device. After that, the photos will not be included in the Gallery.

5. Deny access to WhatsApp using a third-party application

If there are very important things in your correspondence that should never fall into the wrong hands and that need to be hidden, then you can block access to the application using a third-party program.

Applock for Android

In this case, you will need to enter a pin code to access the application. This can be done using the AppLock application .

6. Deactivate your account if your phone is lost or stolen

If suddenly you accidentally lost your phone or stole it, then immediately write to the support service and ask to deactivate your account.

To do this, write a message to WhatsApp support , indicating Lost / Stolen: Please deactivate my account and your phone number in the subject line.

7. Beware of fraudulent messages

WhatsApp is so popular that quite often there are messages from strangers who are trying to lure something out of their victims. Do not reply to messages from strangers – they may appear to be who they really are not. This can hurt not only you, but other people as well.


So there we are , the exact seven steps on how to be safe during your whatsapp groups communication. These whatsapp groups are fully encrypted which means they are quite safe. Here are a few to join for free: