how to whatsapp without saving number

Sometimes we feel lazy when someone who is not in my contacts asks us to send them a message. When it’s a one-time interaction with that person, then a question comes to mind how to Whatsapp without saving number? This post will tell you how to send Whatsapp messages to anyone who is not on your contact list. 

One way is to convince them to send the first message. Fortunately, there are three ways to send WhatsApp messages to people who aren’t in your contacts yet. It is not necessary to save a number to send WhatsApp messages. The following explains all of these options for WhatsApp without saving a number.

 One of the annoying things about WhatsApp is that you can’t send messages to numbers that aren’t stored in your contacts. You can’t just send a message to someone by simply typing their phone number. There are three ways to send WhatsApp messages to unsaved or unknown numbers without saving a number to your contact list. All three methods described below work on Android iOS and Windows PC.

How to Whatsapp without saving number

If someone has forwarded you to a contact on WhatsApp, you can send them messages without saving their number. However, you cannot perform these steps every time. Fortunately, there are some workarounds to work around this limitation. This guide explains three ways to send WhatsApp messages without saving a number on Android devices. 

Let’s explain all of them one by one. However, this is just one of the many great tips for WhatsApp. 

If you receive many messages on WhatsApp, your phone’s gallery must be packed with many media files. With our guide, you can ensure that all useless WhatsApp images and videos are automatically deleted.


Send messages via WhatsApp links for PC and Andriod

 You can use the link to send WhatsApp messages without saving a number to your contact list. WhatsApp itself provides this method.  

You can learn more about by going to their FAQs section. Surprisingly, most users are unaware of this feature. If you belong to one of them, follow these steps. First, you need to enter the web address in any browser of your choice.

Replace the last part with the person phone number and make sure that the country/region area code. But you can’t add a prefix like +, -, () or 00. For example, Indian users would enter the country code 91 as the prefix and then the 10-digit mobile phone number.

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Text selection method for sending WhatsApp messages

In this section of the WhatsApp Message Guide to people who are not on the contact list, we’ll explain what’s probably the quickest and easiest way to send WhatsApp messages. Unluckily, this method does not work for every device. Although it worked quite well on various Pixel and Android One devices, some Huawei and Samsung users could not use this feature. Anyway, it doesn’t hurt to try this unique trick. It would hardly take a few seconds.

Just select the entire phone number by dragging the selector. You’ll then get options such as calling, cutting, copying, pasting, and three vertical dots to expand the menu further. Tap it and select the message next to the WhatsApp logo. That’s it. You will now be redirected to the “Write WhatsApp Message” section, where the sender number has already been entered.

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Using a third-party app

We use a third-party app to send WhatsApp messages to people who are not on the contact list. Although I never vouch for third-party apps or software, I had to make an exception here. This was made possible thanks to the click here to chat app for Android app. It is an extremely light app (119 KB) without ads. But the main reason this app was attractive to me was that I don’t need permissions. It would just ask to create a shortcut and nothing else. So if you want to do the work automatically, try it anyway.


The method of using this app is exactly similar to the one mentioned in the first step. In the prefix section, simply enter the country/region code (for example, 91 for India) and then enter the 10-digit mobile phone number.

Again, make sure no +, -, () or 00 append in the Prefix section. You can also type the message only through the app. Just click the down arrow to expand the app further and type your message in the box you want to do. Finally, tap Open. The message is entered in the Write Message section of WhatsApp (shown in the image above).

This concludes the guide to sending WhatsApp messages without saving a number or adding it to your contacts.