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Netherlands (Holland) is a beautiful country that is full of amazing natural sceneries. If you want to join Netherlands whatsapp groups then we have brought you a working and updated list today.

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Since the Golden Age, the Netherlands also known as holland has been inctribaly linked to the seven seas and a lot of wetness. The country is largely located on the North Sea and is therefore strongly influenced by it. And of course don’t forget the Paradise ABC islands in the Caribbean Sea!

Netherlands is also known as a water country. The official language is Dutch. It has interesting and unique villages, cities and sights that I think certainly deserve a place on everyone’s to-do list.

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The Netherlands may not be that big, but there is a good chance that you do not immediately know which provinces you want to visit. Hence these tips, with which we give you an example of a great route through the Netherlands. 

You can start your road trip through the Switzerland in South Limburg . The landscape here is almost un-Dutch and there are numerous attractions, such as the Drielandenpunt and Maastricht, or the Marl Caves and GaiaZOO. You can spend the night in a hotel, but in  South Limburg there are also many castles where you can spend the night. 

I short Neithrland or Holland is a great place to visit during all seasons. Join above whatsapp groups for updates about them and hope you like the post.