Noel Miller Height, Age, Race, Girlfriend, Birthdate, Zodiac Sign and Dog

Noel Miller is a Canadian YouTube and Vine celebrity. He was first discovered when a one-minute video of him went viral on social media and became a global phenomenon. Here we will tell you about Noel Miller Height, Age race, wife or girlfriend, net worth, college, dog, and much more.

His one short video, “Hey, it’s ya boy, skinny p****” went viral, making him a YouTube and Vine celebrity.

Noel Miller Height, Age, Race, Girlfriend, Biography, Family etc

The most famous YouTuber is Noel Miller. He’s a great entertainer and an inspiration for others. Noel started his vlogging and videos career from “Vine” and had over 500k followers. Miller also got millions of views on his comedy sketches videos. In addition, he later formed a rap group “Tiny Meat Gang (TMG)” along with Cody Ko (another fellow YouTuber).

Noel Miller is a comedian with a very distinct look. He’s tall, lanky, and has an incredibly deep voice. With all of these physical traits, Noel Miller height must be pretty significant, right? Noel Miller is 5’9″.

Despite his towering height, Noel Miller is incredibly down to earth and relatable. He often jokes about his height, saying that it’s both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, he can reach things that other people can’t and he’s great at basketball.

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This channel features videos of comedians, such as Bill Burr, Tim  Heidecker, and Eric Andre. They have over 390,000 subscribers. Their net worth is estimated to be $1 million.

Noel Miller net worth
Noel Miller net worth

Birthdate & Zodiac Sign

His Zodiac sign is Leo and his birthdate is 19 Aug 1989. Still young and energetic.

What is Noel Miller Height?

Many people ask how tall is Noel Miller? then here is your answer: Noel’s Height is approximately 5’9″ tall which is 1.75cm and in meters is 175m.

How Old is Noel Miller in the current year?

In the current year, Noel Miller will be 32 years old. He is young enough to enjoy life yet truly has a luxurious life.

Life before Fame, Siblings, Parents

Noel Miller was born to a family of businessmen. The Youtuber prefers to keep his family and personal life a secret. There isn’t much information about them in the media.

Noel Miller Schooling and College

He graduated from the United States and completed high school in Canada so his early education was from Canada.

Youtube channel:

Noel Miller Youtube channel is pretty famous. you can check out his videos

Noel Miller Net Worth

Noel Miller’s net worth is $1 million. His main source of income is his YouTube channel where he posts monetized content and has more than 3.96 million subscribers who watch his videos. One of the best stand-up comedians of our generation is also a great actor. He earns a good sum of money through his podcasts and his career as a stand-up comedian. He has millions of followers on his social media accounts, and he also receives large payments through brand endorsement and sponsored promotions deals on his accounts.

Noel Miller and Cody Ko
Noel Miller and Cody Ko

Are Noel Miller and Aleena Engaged?

Miller and Aleena are in the spotlight for a while now. This couple is dating for many years and has been together for more than a decade. They met each other through a common friend at a party, and they are currently in a relationship with each other.

They have even more than 100,000 combined followers. Together, they’ve adopted a pet dog. Aleena has decent fan followings on the picture-sharing platform, with 34+ k followers.

Noel Miller Height
Noel Miller Height

She also entertains her fans with her daily lifestyle pictures, cute selfies with her boyfriend Noel Miller, and some glimpses of vacations. She currently lives in Los Angeles, California, USA.

What Race is Noel Miller?

He is Filipino and white mixed. Proud moment for kabayans.:D However he spent his life in Canada and got nationality there.

Neol Favourite Things

Favorite Actor Benedict Cumberbatch
Favorite Actress Rachel McAdams
Favorite Colour Black
Favorite Food Canadian Food
Favorite Singer Nick Jonas
Favorite Rapper Suga (South Korean rapper)

Aleena and Noel Miller Dog

Noel Miller dog
Noel Miller dog

They have a cute dog now and stay with them all the time. It’s like a family member to them.