Evan hafer net worth, Wife , Height

What is Evan Hafer net worth? This question is likely on the minds of many people who are unfamiliar with the name. Evan Hafer is a retired American soldier and current CEO of Black Rifle Coffee Company in Dec 2014, a coffee roaster. With a reported net worth of $500 thousands, he has certainly made a name for himself outside of the military. Let’s take a closer look at his life and career to see how he accumulated such wealth.

Evan Hafer net Worth Age , Height, Military CIA

Evan Hafer was one of the decorated war veteran and successful entrepreneur. He founded Black Rifle Coffee Company, which has become one of the leading coffee brands in the United States.

When he joined the Green Berets, it was as an infantryman in America’s army. so he also worked with CIA but after spending more than ten years with them and working on special projects for State Department clients all over world – including protectors like Jimmy Carter himself.

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This tough military contractor decided to retire from service so that others could continue doing what they loved best: protecting people at home or abroad during times of crisis.

Evan hafer Age and wife

45-year old Evan Hafer was born in 1977 and raised on a farm near Idaho. He works as an logger for his family’s company, logging trees all over Idaho to make sure they can be sold at market.

He has a beautiful daughter who is often seen on his Instagram account. In this passage, we learn that the man named Mark David Hafer is married with no further information available other than Kate hoffer being her name and that they have one child together -a girl!


He is a business so don’t really get a salary however his earning is much more than an average business owner due to his famous coffee roasting brand “Black Rifle Cofee”

Black Rifle Cofee Networth

Black Rifle Coffee company

It merged with SilverBox and the merger between these two companies has completed and it’s an exciting time for them.

The valuation of $1.7 billion might be a surprise but we hope you’ll agree that this is still quite impressive considering their size when combined together as one entity.


Was Evan Hafer a Green Beret?

Yes from official sources its confirmed that Evan Hafer was Green Beret which is special decorated branch of US Military.

What companies does Evan Hafer own?

He own one one company for now named as Black Rifle Coffee Company.

Was Evan Hafer Special Forces?

Yes he belongs to green beret and served CIA as well. This is from reliable sources.

How much is Black Rifle Coffee Company worth?

From financial sources the valuation of $1.7 billion which is quite accurate.