How To Know What Is Legal Or Illegal In The Online Gambling Industry

People love to gamble; they love the fun, big money associated with winning and the unpredictability of the games as well. However, most casual gamblers are concerned about the ill effects of gambling. They are also unaware of what is counted as legal or illegal in online gambling.

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Ways To Know About The Rules Of Online Gambling

Reading Up Country-Specific Legislations About Online Gambling

The rules for online gambling differ between countries. Also, within the same country, there are state level laws that differ quite a lot. All this can lead to a lot of confusion in your mind if you intend to play a game online. Hence the best thing to do is to check out the relevant laws for your home country and also for the country that is hosting the online gambling site.

In the US, there is a law known as the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of the year 2006. Likewise, in the UK, there is the United Kingdom gambling commission, known as the UKGC, that regulates gambling related activities. Thus, it is a good idea to go through the websites of regulatory bodies and national laws to know what is legal and what is illegal in online gambling.

Reading The Rules And Regulations In The Website Of Online Casinos

Most websites make their players aware of the rules that they need to follow while playing. Usually, the minute details are written in fine print, and you might miss out on key details. Also, the rules are difficult to understand as they differ significantly depending on your country of residence.

Reading Blogs And Asking Question On Gambler’s Forums

You can also read blogs and ask relevant questions on online forums for gamblers. But it is important to make sure that blogs or forums give authentic information.

Some Common Do’s And Don’ts For Online Gambling

Legality Of Operating Gambling Sites

Some countries, like the US, do not allow any person or company to operate an online gambling website from the US. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 prevents the operation of betting websites on US soil. However, it allows people to bet on these sites, provided that the website operates from another country.

Hence, if you are in the US, you can bet online, but you cannot open a business that allows other people to bet online. In 48 US states, gambling is allowed in some form or the other; however, states such as Utah ban it altogether. So the rules change depending on which US state you live in.

What Sort Of Games Are Allowed

Some countries allow certain specific games in online Casinos. For instance, in India, games like rummy or poker are allowed; however, games like slots and roulette are not allowed. According to the government, rummy and poker are skill-based games, and hence they are allowed. But slots and roulette are largely based on luck, and hence they are banned.

Again, India, like the US, is a federal country, and there is state-specific law that can complicate things further.

License Requirements

In some countries like the United Kingdom, betting via websites is completely legal. However, the country mandates that all Casinos should have a valid license if they want to operate and have British citizens as their customers.

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission lays down strict compliance norms for granting licenses. These norms ensure that the customers get a fair deal and are not cheated at the time of payout. Australia too allows online Casinos; however, the owners need to have a valid license to operate.

Rules On The Payment Methods

Payouts from a gamble can be paid in many forms, like directly crediting the amount in the bank account or in the form of cryptocurrencies. Most countries allow online channels of payment like payment wallets, but the rules are strict for cryptos. Cryptos are not recognized as a regular currency in many countries, and they may not allow payments to be made in the form of cryptos.

Rules On Advertisement

Online Casinos make a lot of money by using their websites for advertisements. In Australia, only a few games are allowed in web-based Casinos. It forbids betting on the outcome of a lottery; hence no one can conduct such bets, nor can they advertise for these bets.

Rules For Offshore Casinos

Many countries forbid offshore Casinos, whereas others allow them. For instance, Canada allows offshore Casinos; however, here, too, there are different sets of laws for different provinces. And if you stay in Canada, you will have to adhere to the laws of the federal and provincial governments.

Rules For State Operated Lotteries

While some countries ban web-based lotteries altogether, some state governments themselves conduct web-based lotteries. Many state governments in India and provincial governments in Canada conduct lotteries. However, these lotteries have the requisite license, and they also have to adhere to the norms led by regulating bodies in their respective countries.


Most countries have strict norms for regulating the operations of online Casinos because they want to protect the interest of their citizens. Gambling is addictive, and many people continue to place bets even if they are losing money. Hence, betting is a social taboo and governments around the world try to balance managing the ill social effects of betting while allowing people to enjoy their favorite games as well.

The rules about Casinos can be complex; however, if the casino has a license, then it is safe to bet money on countries that allow only adults to gamble, and the money invested in betting should not be black money etc.