5 Biggest Political Scandals in Florida History

Political scandals are something that happens all over the world, and sometimes these things are just allegations, while others, there is proof that the public figure we chose to represent us really did something unimaginable. Here, we are going to talk about some of the biggest political scandals in Florida history.

1. Florida House member caught with a prostitute

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When we talk about politicians and when we see the history of things that have happened to them, we are going to see a pattern of a lot of sex scandals that surround them. In some cases, these are just allegations and nothing is ever proven, but in others, the politician has nothing to do or say but keep quiet and accept that they have been caught red-handed.

Bob Allen was a Florida house member and he was caught with a male prostitute in the park. The house member wanted to pay $20 for favors from the other party, and when they were caught doing the deed, the politician tried to say that he was close to being robbed and that he was in the park just to inspect benches that were created not too long before.

When people saw what the situation actually was, and when they realized that Bob Allen is a politician who actually tries and pushes family values but ends up paying for favors, his political career was instantly killed. Even though he was not charged for what has happened in the park, he was not able to pursue and continue his career.

2. Judges get paid to fix a decision

This scandal happened in the 80s in Miami, and even though we know that corruption has always been a part of the judicial system, this was something that no one could have foreseen.

This operation was called court broom and the FBI started investigating judges and seeing if they could be persuaded to sell their decision, give out informants to cartels, and use illegal substances daily.

There were five judges that were investigated and the agents created fake cases to try and catch the people responsible for giving out information and selling out decisions. During the process, the corrupt judges accepted more than $50,000 to give out information and sell out informants.

There were two prominent judges that were the highlight of the case and Harvey Shenberg and Phillip Davis were the ones that the public was the most interested in. Even though catching these five judges did not fully change the judicial system, and even though corruption and a huge political place can still be found, officials realized that they cannot just sell people’s lives for money.

3. Are pictures proof enough?

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When it comes to public figures and important people, there are always a lot of allegations around them. We usually try and catch everyone in some sort of unprofessional and even illegal act and a lot of times images are staged and nothing can be concluded by seeing just one image.

This is something that happened with the consultant of Rick Scott and images started circling around of this person trying to have sexual relationships with the mannequin using an ice stick.

These images are still circulating the Internet and the party involved suggests that this has been just a staged image that does not represent what actually happened, while others are suggesting that the consultant is not someone who should be trusted and that the governor has been choosing his crew wrong.

No matter if this photo was staged or not, it definitely created a lot of waves, and you can visit www.miaminewtimes.com and check the Scott Cooper Miami article to find out more about it.

4. A representative caught with a minor

Many of the scandals that involve politicians revolve either around corruption or sex. The representative Matt Gaetz has allegedly been in a relationship with a minor, and he was caught with the sad person traveling around and exchanging money for favors.

The issue that comes with cases like this is that the public usually makes a decision based on allegations and not facts. This is something that happened not too long ago and the cases are still in progress and there has not been provided enough proof or evidence for us to make a well-informed decision.

The representative was expected to either resign or get fired as soon as these allegations and rumors started, however, that has not happened. It is said that politicians like Gaetz use their power and then their finances to get whatever they want and in some cases that can be sexual relationships with the minor.

Keep in mind that these are extremely serious allegations and that if it’s proven to be correct the representative will face criminal charges. What will happen with this case is yet to be seen.

5. Mandatory vaccines for the elderly

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The last case we are going to talk about is extremely controversial and it is once again something that happened fairly recently.

Governor Ron DeSantis was caught trying to manipulate the system and skip guidelines made by professionals. When the coronavirus started and when vaccines were created, many people were trying to get their hands on the vaccines as soon as possible and protect their lives and the lives of others.

As you probably remember, when the vaccines first started coming out, uh there was a way in which people were supposed to get vaccinated. Essential workers as well as medical crews were the ones that had to go through the process first and then people who were most likely to be most affected by the virus were supposed to get their dose dosage right after the crucial crews.

The governor decided to skip this step and ignore what everyone else was suggesting and mandating. He decided that the first people who were allowed to get the vaccine were those aged 65 and above and that it was not important the risk that medical crews and essential workers were under, and that those who are 65 and above should get the vaccines first.

The governor was caught trying to manipulate the system and this is another case that is currently still in smoke so we don’t have enough information on what is going to happen and how.

There are thousands of other cases like this that you can find easily with just a bit of research, so if you are interested in the biggest political scandals make sure you dig deeper and try to find out the truth without being forced to just perceive one side or the other.