Can You Get a Medical Marijuana Card for Anxiety in Florida

Using cannabis for medical issues has a lot of opponents – but also so many people who support the idea. The results of using hemp with some medical indications, especially anxiety, are undeniably successful – so the question arises whether the use for medical purposes is justified and how to prevent misuse. Some US federal states consider it justified, and some do not. But what is the situation in Florida, and can you get a medical marijuana card for anxiety over there – here is the answer.

Are We Susceptible To Anxiety Disorders And Why?


Fear, nervousness, and anxiety are integral parts of life. Even though they are unpleasant emotions, they are often good for us – because they prepare us for a quick reaction in dangerous situations. Occasionally feeling anxious as a reaction to different situations (such as job interviews, taking exams, waiting for results, new experiences, and the like), is a normal reaction – and we all encounter it. However, when a person feels anxiety that is so frequent or intense that it disturbs them in their daily functioning – then it is a question of pathological anxiety. That is a mental disorder that we need to treat. It is something that can happen to almost anyone. Some experts even claim many of us carry a genetic predisposition for such types of disorders. However, what is not good, is the fact that till now, most doctors treated this disorder with various medications that brought us to a chemical imbalance – causing more damage than helping us. In past years, there’s been research conducted – which proved that medical use of cannabis helps us way more.

Cannabis Use For Medical Purposes

The tradition of using hemp for its psychoactive effects is several thousand years long – and even in ancient times, there were attempts to use it for medicinal purposes. However, a more serious interest in this issue started after the 60s – when the main active ingredient of hemp, known as THC, was identified. Today, attitudes are divided when it comes to the use of marijuana. Roughly speaking, we can distinguish three categories. Certain countries completely prohibit the use by law. In others, you can use it for medical purposes, and that way it is considered legal – while non-medical (recreational) consumption is still not allowed. Countries from the third category have legalized both medical and recreational use of this plant. The global trend is leaning toward the legalization of consumption. This way of thinking is favored by discoveries related to medicine – but also by the economic profit that countries achieve through taxes and exports due to legal and strictly controlled distribution.

What’s It Like In Florida?


As we said, the laws of the federal states in the US differ, but Florida is one of the states that approve of this possibility. So, in Florida, you have the possibility to consume cannabis for health purposes. According to some local research – anxious patients who were using medical marijuana achieved the desired results in a relatively short period. However, we must emphasize that the use of medical marijuana for the treatment of anxiety, according to Florida law, can only be approved by a licensed physician. It is up to your doctor to determine the symptoms of your health condition, and if anxiety is medically determined for you – you will receive an MMC, a card that will allow you to use it for medical treatment. According to, in that case, you can purchase it completely legally and find what you need including some of the best MMJ deals. Of course, due to possible abuses, numerous measures have been taken – and if you receive a card for the use of medical marijuana, you will still have to follow a certain procedure.

Methods Of Consumption In Treatment

In places where consumption is allowed by law, you can find marijuana in various forms. That leaves a patient the chance to choose, either on his own or by doctor’s recommendation, what is the most practical and adequate form of use for a particular illness.



This is pretty much a widespread method of consumption because of the fast effect – and the patient specifies the dose needed to reach the desired therapeutic effect. The downside of such use is that smoking, regardless of whether it is nicotine cigarettes or marijuana – is harmful to the lungs and can cause respiratory system diseases. For people who use marijuana by smoking, doctors advise the use of the highest quality marijuana, with a higher THC content – so that it takes a shorter time to achieve effectiveness. Patients can also smoke marijuana by using a pipe. In this way, the inhalation of chemicals present in the paper for assembling marijuana cigarettes is avoided – and the smoke is cooler and less irritating to the throat and respiratory system.

Use of a vaporizer

As an alternative to smoking, a vaporizer is advised by experts. A vaporizer is a device that gently heats marijuana, resulting making smaller amounts of harmful side substances compared to smoking. An additional advantage of using a vaporizer is that all the vapor stays inside itself vaporizer capsules – and does not spread into the surrounding area.

Pharmaceutical forms for oral application

In places where consumption is legal, pharmaceutical companies are already selling medications that contain cannabis. Of course, this type of medication must be prescribed by a doctor who diagnoses your problem with anxiety – and will also prescribe therapy in terms of tablet dosage.

Tinctures and teas made from marijuana


Marijuana tinctures are liquid extracts, usually alcoholic, that contain a large proportion of THC and other active components. They can be used as a supplement to food and drinks, applied sublingually and topically (through the skin). Their production is cheap and simple – and as the alcohol base is quickly absorbed, the effect occurs quickly.

Cannabis-infused foods

Effects of dietary marijuana, for example, in cookies, dip, or soup form, come on slower and last longer than the effects of vaporized or smoked marijuana. Using it in this way makes it easier to overdose so patients are recommended to start with smaller amounts, wait an hour or two for the effect to appear – and then decide if the effect is satisfactory or if it is necessary to ingest more food prepared in this way.

The Bottom Line

As in the case of most other mental disorders, in the case of anxiety, there is no single cause – but it’s a combination of genetic and environmental factors. That means that there are people who are born with a more sensitive nervous system – but the appearance of an anxiety disorder will largely depend on a person’s experience. Therefore, it might be better to talk about possible anxiety triggers. However, if such a problem already occurs – the use of cannabis can help. If you already live in Florida, you must know that to consume marijuana for health reasons – you need an examination, diagnosis, and prescription from your doctor. After that, follow all legally prescribed norms related to use for therapeutic purposes.