Download Ration Card Form 4 Fill Up in PDF Format

This blog post contains information on how to download ration card form 4 , commonly called the ‘blue book’. It is necessary for all Indian citizens to have a blue book in order to purchase food and other essentials. The blue book can be obtained by filling out a form which you can easily download from here.
The Ration Card is issued by the government of India in order to provide subsidized food grains and other essential commodities like sugar, kerosene oil, etc., to its citizens. All Indians are eligible for this program irrespective of their age, gender, religion, or occupation.

How to Download Ration Card Form 4 PDF Format

The ration card scheme is an essential part of India’s food security program. Under this policy, low-income families are provided with cheap grains for their daily use at minimal prices through the supply and distribution channels set up by state governments like West Bengal where it originated from in the eastern region.

The government’s official name for its system that provides eligible people access to select foods they need based on various income levels across geographic regions throughout India ?”Rajya Khadya Suraksha Yojana”

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If you have a ration card from the Rural Karnataka Sub-Regulator of Agricultural Marketing Institute, Ltd., then it’s time to update! You should submit Form 4 for rural and urban areas in order for all family members on your account. We’ll provide complete instructions on how that works below – just keep reading.

Ration Card Form 4 Fill Up PDF

Scheme Name Ration Card
Form Name Ration Card Form 4
State West Bengal
Toll-free number 18003455505 / 1967
Year 2021
File Type PDF
Download form 4 Rural & Urban Click Here to Download no 4 Form 
Source wbpds aadhaar link (

Steps to fill up West Bengal Ration Card application Form 4?

The first step to getting your ration card is completing the form. Download it from this link above for rural and urban then print out what you need for today’s event. Fill in all fields with accurate information about yourself, then enter any spouse or dependent names that apply (including if he/she lives at home).

This will complete Part A- Membership Information; now go on over to part B where we’ll do our bests not just to answer questions but provide answers too complex for most people:
Part C Aadhaar details – These are required because they help track who has access rights based upon age groupings like children under 6 years old, adolescents 7 to 14years older than 16yrs.

Can I use ration card correction form to correct mistakes?

If you have done a mistake in filling in details in your previous ration car then no need to worry as you can correct those mistakes by using the ration card correction form.  It’s quite easy to fill up and use all your details correctly this time. राशन कार्ड में नाम ऐड फॉर्म pdf is also available easily for you to avail.

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The process to Apply for Inclusion of any Family member under NFSA/RKSY?

The best way to apply for your ration card is by downloading the form and submitting it with all required documents. You can also go online, but be sure you submit these as well. Make sure the following documents are available:

  1. Name of the Head of Family
  2. Names of New Members Applying for DRC (Aadhaar not mandatory for applicants below the age of 5 years.),
  3. Details of the 2ndApplicant
  4. Details of the 3rdApplicant
  5. Address, Contact Information
  6. Aadhaar Numbers of all existing DRC holders in the family
  7. and any other information

What is Form 4 in the ration card?

To check the status of your ration card, go to in order and click on the home page option where it says “check now”. After clicking that button you’ll be taken straight back here with all relevant information about when next distribution will happen. Ration card 4no form is very important for submission and one should have it.

Where can I submit ration card form?

You can submit your application form no 4 for ration card at the CSC, Tehsil or concerned office designated by them. If you’re applying for multiple posts then make sure that they are together in one envelope with all enclosure documents–otherwise, it will be rejected!

How can I check my ration card status?

To check the status of your ration card, all you need to do is head on over to the government website and click “Check Ration Card Status!” They’ll send a request through email once we get more responses from people asking us for this information! If they don’t hear back within 30 days.

Final Words

The whole process of downloading and filling up a new ration card from 4 pdf is explained in this post. If you want to add someone’s name to your family’s list, then just submit their application by following these instructions exactly as given on the website. We’ve got all help available for those who need it too so don’t worry – we will be here waiting with answers at every step along the way;)