400+ UK England whatsapp group link to join 2024

If you are looking to join UK or London WhatsApp group link then you are on the right spot. On this page we will provide you a huge list of whatsapp groups from United kingdom. Either you are from this great country of England or not still you will be able to join these groups without any problem. Click on the Whatsapp group app link given below for instant join.

With these groups you can increase your social circle , get to know many people, make new friends all around the Great Britain. They are mostly active on their local UK time.

Keep in mind one thing that you must follow the rules made by group administration and don’t spam , if you do they will kick you out without providing reason and as you know if your number is blacklisted then you can join it again so be respectful.

Sharing Information in UK whatsapp groups

Some Groups of whatsapp required you to first introduce yourself before further interaction or provide specific information for example if you are joining a job whatsapp group then they might ask for your credentials like education , experience , age etc . Many a times its a good thing because if you are exploring a job through these groups then sharing your resume will give you better exposure and who knows that you end up getting a job in UK.

Only Girls UK whatsapp group link

Whatsapp developed an amazing system to unite the whole world through smart phones and one application. Any one can create groups and it can be regarding any topic . Likewise gender based groups are also very popular. UK girls whatsapp groups link are also shared here if you want to join just a female group . Make sure to mention this website name so they don’t kick yo out.

Through these England girls groups you might get a uk girl whatsapp no. This is pretty useful if you want to learn more about their culture and English language.

Many of us know about United Kingdom, Its a great country with an old heritage. Proper white people live in England and its a place on Wishlist to millions of people world wide.

UK or commonly known as united kingdom consist of many island nations like Scotland , wales , northern Ireland etc. Its the birthplace of many well known linguistics like Shakespeare etc. The capital of England is London. Although its a bit pricey but people paying taxes for their own well being. They get huge benefits in return like free health care for children up to 18 years. Free health for themselves etc.

Due to these qualities everyone want to live in UK but they cant allow everyone. These England groups of whatsapp will allow you to interact with English folks and learn closely about them. They are 100% free to join.

England Whatsapp group link list 2024

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How to Join groups of Whatsapp – Simple and easy steps

You can join these groups either on mobile of your PC. Lets explain the steps separately.

On your Computer

  • Make sure you are login whatsapp
  • Open our website and the UK lwhatsapp ink list post
  • click on the group to join from this page
  • it will take you to another page of whatsapp and ask for permission
  • Click Join and wallaaa! you are in .. 🙂
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Rules of groups

  • Never harass any one.
  • No spam messages or fake offers.
  • do not embarrass people with group calls.
  • Although most of the groups have control but if some don’t then please do not change group name etc without permission
  • Don’t be rude to others
  • No abusing word or behavior
  • Do not ask for direct whatsapp numbers to call
  • Remember respect gets respect.
  • Do not ask for money


Hope you found these UK groups useful , we will keep updating them on regular basis with fresh and active groups . although we are working hard to remove any non working whatsapp group but if you find any please let us know and we will remove it. you can also leave URL in comment section for any addition.