How to Write a Perfect Essay – Top College Tips

An essay basically consists of three well-defined parts that should not be missing when writing it. We are referring to the introduction, the development of the essay, and finally its conclusions. The most voluminous part of the essay is the development because this is where the author formally outlines previous research on the topic, the concepts involved in the research, the results obtained, and their analysis. The development itself is the heart of the essay.

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What Are the Characteristics of an Essay?


An essay is a text written in prose where the analysis of a topic relevant to the reader is shown in a logical, clear, orderly, and concise manner. Among the main characteristics of an essay are:

The essay should consist of three parts: as we have said, and unless another division is necessary, it should consist of an introduction, a development, and a conclusion or a final opinion of the author. 

It has no rigid structure: It allows the writer to express his ideas and opinions quite freely since he does not have to worry about a clear and obligatory structure.

The topic for writing is free: the essay writer can compose on a wide variety of topics, whether it is the research of other writers or his/her own. The variety of topics includes historical, scientific and technical, philosophical, literary, personal or group studies, political, economic, etc.

It uses reflective analysis: It is based on argument, and this is how it reinforces ideas, as the author conducts research to be able to give his/her own conclusions and opinions on the topic.

In the essay, ideas are hierarchical: that is, different ideas and opinions must be presented in an organized and clear way, and they must be connected to each other.

It is subjective: the essay should be a subjective reflection, but it should be well documented and well-researched. The author writes his point of view on the topic of interest, i.e., he expresses his own opinion, but always based on research and/or experience.

It requires formal language: The essay requires formal language by the topic because each essay is addressed to a specific audience and in most cases an audience that is well versed in the subject.

An essay is a short essay: an essay is a paper covering a very specific topic that the writer already has an understanding of, so it is important that it speaks only about that topic and that it is addressed directly and clearly.

How to Develop an Essay?


To develop your essay in a clear and orderly manner, the best college essay writing service recommends that you take outlines. The outlines will give you a clear idea of how to approach the topic, as they are a very interesting graphic tool for organizing ideas and texts in a clear and summarized way.

Describe the background

This is the first step since every development must be supported by background information. We refer you to all those works from previous research that are related to the topic and that can help you make your work richer.

You should textually cite excerpts from the papers you are analyzing, using academic and formal language because that way you can discuss and give your opinion on what has already been studied. 

Be sure to include a reference to the study, book, or essay in question at the end of the citation.

Write the theoretical basis of the chosen topic


Develop general aspects of the topic, i.e., concepts and sentences that the reader needs to know to better understand your arguments and opinions. By this point, your goal should be clear, so you will have to make an effort in this section to ensure that your arguments carry sufficient weight.

If you are looking for examples of developing questions to consider throughout your essay, here are some of the more interesting ones:

Why do you want the reader to know what these particular experts are saying?

Where do you want to go with these definitions?

Do you want to point out any misunderstandings or contradictions?

Is your goal to bring a new idea to the study?

Link the concepts and statements you cite well to your own goals, as it should be clear to the reader why you chose to address and investigate one topic and not another.

Argue your own opinion

In this part of the essay, you will have to give your opinion on the topic you are considering. A good way to do this would be to comment on each concept as you explain the theoretical framework, as this part of the development is written as you go along.

Remember that, as an author, you can express your opinion at any point in the essay, so use this moment to analyze in depth what other experts have researched as well as the results from your judgment. In the end, this section will be directly related to the final conclusions.

Best Essay Writing Tips


We know that writing essay development is by far the most difficult part of a project. So, here are some tips on how to write a great essay:

Stay motivated: It may seem obvious, but it’s crucial that even in the most difficult moments of the project, you are clear about why you chose this topic and what you want to say. Make sure that you write quality information throughout the essay, as this is the only way you will be able to hold the reader’s interest.

Choose a good topic: Start by considering 3 possible topics (so you have alternatives) and eventually choose the one that best fits your tastes and the one that is most relevant today and may be of most interest to your audience.

Do a bibliographic review: This consists of examining all the sources of information that you think is important to your topic. Get your hands on books, dissertations, articles, programs, etc., and make sure that everything you deal with is confirmed by reliable authors. Everything you write in your essay should be true, so feel free to take the time to research every piece of information you provide.

Analyze and practice your writing: Do first drafts to gain knowledge of the topic and begin to get your ideas in order.

Write coherently and clearly: Writing can be free-flowing, but it should be the result of deep thought and should be written in an orderly, coherent, and formal manner.


Now you know how to write essays without any errors. If you’re still having trouble writing these types of texts, the phrase “help me write my paper” in the search engine will save you the trouble.