6 Apps Students Use to Get Writing Ideas

Sometimes it is hard to focus on writing or even come up with creative ideas. This happens to everyone, especially students dealing with many written projects and assignments. Both are relatively easy to accomplish. But you can get a creativity boost even without leaving your home. Some  might require some tutoring help, find info here learningindeed.org; for others, a short walk will be enough to get the inspiration they need.

Luckily, several applications and solutions can help to overcome this problem. In this article, you’ll find the best apps for getting ideas and mastering your writing.

1. Portent’s Content Idea Generator

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This is a first go-to tool when you are in a creative crisis. Although it was designed for content creators, it can work perfectly for all types of writing. When you need fresh and unique ideas, this solution is very useful.

You can simply type in the main subject or even one word and get a list of suggestions in terms of titles, topics, and content ideas. From there, students can work on more niche areas or discover more options related to the core subject. It is simple, effective, and free.

2. Writing Challenge

This is a creative writing app with the goal of boosting your brainstorming process. It is game-based, which makes it fun for people of all ages.

Students can use it for training and developing their skills. For instance, you get a first prompt and a time limit. After you are done with this one, you get to the next stage. This is helpful for working on ideas, endorsing creativity, and becoming a better author in general.

3. The Brainstormer

As the name suggests, this solution is all about coming up with ideas. It is perfect for creative writing but also works for academic texts. There are many features students can enjoy, such as:

  • Random inspiration generator;
  • Writing tools;
  • Sci-Fi brainstormer;
  • Character builder;
  • World builder;
  • Creature builder.

Students can also create their own wheel of inspiration with custom phrases/sentences. By using this one, anyone can become a better author.

4. iA Writer Pro

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This is a word processing tool that allows focusing on the process without any distractions. A lot of professional writers from the best assignment services use this application or similar ones. Academic writers need concentration to deliver excellent and unique papers for students on demand. They deliver writing, editing, and proofreading help with all sorts of college assignments. As academic texts require advanced skills and effort, sharp focus is essential.

Reading through examples from the top assignment services can also give them new ideas for their projects. And collaboration with professionals allows for keeping up with college deadlines while getting expert guidance.

This application is going to help students be more efficient with their writing. It has a minimalistic interface, beautiful design, and syntax control. It also supports multiple languages, which is a huge benefit.

Editing is also easy as the application highlights adverbs, prepositions, adjectives, verbs, and nouns.

5. Oflow

This is another amazing app for those who are stuck in an idea crisis. Students can use it for daily challenges to develop their skills or to overcome a particular issue. It has more than 150 various prompts and tips to keep your creative juices going.

You can also keep notes here and bookmark ideas you like and want to get back to later. The design is simple and intuitive. Oflow works with Evernote and allows sharing of ideas via email, Facebook, or Twitter.

6. Ulysses

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It is another outstanding writing solution that ensures that you focus on the process. It is also great for easy and seamless editing, which is an important part of crafting an excellent paper. The editing process is based on the markdown principle, so you do not lose concentration while working.

Also, Ulysses helps track progress, organize the content with keyword labels, and access vital features through the sidebar. The solution supports all the fundamental formatting options and works on iOS and Mac devices.

How to Choose the Right Writing App

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Choosing the right writing app is key to unlocking your creativity and coming up with ideas for your essays or research projects. Writing apps offer different features, depending on your needs. Some allow you to jot down basic notes, while others offer more comprehensive features such as outlining and timed writing sessions. You may have trouble finding the right app at first, but there are a few elements that can help narrow down your choices.

For starters, decide what type of writing you intend to do; this will help you find an app that is specific to your needs. Creative writers need minimal distraction and structure, while students may require more guidance with structure and organization. For instance, some apps offer video tutorials for new users who need help navigating their chosen program.

The app’s design also matters; make sure it looks organized and inviting for frequent use. Many apps include themes options which let users customize the look of their workspace according to taste; this is great for personalizing the experience and making it less intimidating if you’re just starting out.

Finally, read customer reviews to see what other people think of the platform before committing fully. They come in many different forms in terms of cost – some are free while others require a subscription – so be sure to take cost into consideration when making your choice as well. With these tips in mind, you’ll have no trouble finding an app that fits all your writing needs!

In Summary

Anyone can find themselves in a creative crisis. That’s why there are various applications to solve this issue. With this selection, students can always focus on the process, boost their brainstorming, and advance their skills.