PicaShow: How to Get Picashow app

If you love to watch videos, but don’t want to pay for them, you will love this new Picashow app. PicaShow is completely free and there are no ads. You just open the app and it shows you all the live streaming channels from a third party. You can even select the channel you like and watch them. The best part of this app is that you can watch all the videos you want in HD quality. PicaShow is also known as pikashow free app is also very easy to use.

How to Install PicaShow app on Android?

The best way to install PicaShow on Android is through the official website. There is no link on google play as it’s a third-party app.  The best way is to go to the official website. You can download the app and you can use it for free.

  1. Visit the Official website of Picashow
  2. Open the direct download page
  3. Get the files on your android
  4. Install and open then make an account
  5. Now stream free movies and stuff.
pikashow app free
                             pikashow app free

What are the functions of the PicaShow App?

The best thing about this app is it does not require any special permission and you can watch any premium stuff free. However, we recommend checking the intellectual rights of respective owners and reporting anything unusual.

What are the features of the PicaShow App?

  • It’s free without any subscription
  • No ads
  • HD content
  • All kinds of Hollywood, Bollywood, Web series
  • Connect with multiple screens

What is the pricing of the PicaShow App?

No pricing at all, you don’t need anything to pay here on this app as it’s made by anonymous coders to stream online content. All kinds of movies, online channels, etc can be seen on it.

Is this app safe to use on devices?

Yes, it is safe to use, but we always recommend installing anti-virus in case of any malfunction.

Final Words

In Short Picashow or Pikashow is a popular app now having million of viewers all around the world and looking for install and watch live streams free.