City On A Hill Season 1 Recap

City On A Hill season 1 Recap : its is a new drama on Showtime, and it’s available to stream now. This show has all the right ingredients of an award-winning series: from its compelling story telling, to its stellar cast and production team. The series premiered on June 16th and airs every Sunday at 9pm ET.

City On A Hill Season 1 Recap showtime

I love historical dramas. I don’t know if it’s the intrigue of what life was like back then, or just the fact that they’re so different from my own life that it fascinates me.

Either way, City on a Hill Season 1 is one show that will keep you hooked with its portrayal of Boston during the tumultuous 1980s. It revolves around Kevin (played by Kevin Bacon) as he tries to take down corrupt members of law enforcement working in Boston and make his city safe for everyone again.

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The series begins with him being released from prison after serving time for an attempted robbery gone wrong, but soon after realizes not much has changed since he left and teams up with Jackie MacElroy (played by Aldis Hodge).

City On A Hill Season 1 Recap


Boston is a place with some long-standing issues. It’s not just the political climate that has been in flux for years, it’s also the crime rate and other daunting challenges facing residents of Boston every day. When Ward wants to “rip out all this machinery,”

Rohr tells him he isn’t alone in feeling frustrated by his surroundings–there are plenty who feel as if they want things changed drastically even if only from something so small like graffiti or litter on the ground.

Yet despite these ongoing difficulties, Boston still manages to be portrayed over time through various projects involving Affleck and Damon including movies such as The Town (2010) directed by Ben Affleck alongside Kevin Costner; Good Will Hunting (1997), written/directed & starred Matt Damon

City On A Hill Season 1 Cast

This show is about two FBI agents who are investigating a murder in Boston, Massachusetts. The cast includes Kevin Bacon, Aldis Hodge and Jonathan Tucker.