Black clover season 5 release date : Crew & Story

 All the weeaboos are preparing; the fantasy that fascinates you is almost back in Black clover Season 5. Where Season 4 ended on March 30, 2024, and fans have always liked this anime series ever since.

The drama was well received appreciation due to  its fascinating storyline. The credit of which goes to the manga series where it fits. The only magical writer who made it possible was Yuki Tabata. He was good at writing and illustrating manga.

Black Clover season 1 was released on October 3, 2017 and has since become so popular in anime lovers. The surprising fact is he brought a new audience beyond the manga fans who have always loved him. The fourth season premiered on December 8, 2020 and has eight episodes.

 Story line:

The anime’s story is based on the Black Clover manga by writer and illustrator Yuki Tabata. Published on Weekly Shonen Jump since 2015, new volumes are regularly released.

The ending of the Black Clover manga series is nowhere in sight. In an interview in March 2019, Tabata had reached the 200-chapter milestone and was asked how he maintained his motivation.

“Well, a lot of people are waiting for the next chapter, I hope, so that motivates me. Besides, I still want to tell a lot of stories, so that keeps me going, “Tabata replied.” Oh, and my wife wants me to keep going. She wants me to keep working. “

Tabata said Chapter 11 is the last arc of the first saga. But he didn’t gave any clue how far he will go with it, nor did he mention ideas for a climax or finale (presumably, Asta will eventually become the wizard king).

Tabata also said he would like to match Naruto’s long-running manga series, which spanned over 700 chapters. This means that the end of Black Clover is in at least 10 years.

Black clover Season 5 Crew

The show was produced under the aegis of Studio Pierro. However, Tatsuya Yoshihara is being replaced in the fourth season, by Ayataka Tanemura. Other significant replacements were that of Kanichi Katou’s Kazuyuki Fudeyasu as scriptwriter.


Black clover Season 5 Release Date

Avex Pictures, Studio Pierrot have not yet officially confirmed the release date of Black Clover Season 5. Nor has production been announced for a sequel to an anime TV series.

Once the news is officially confirmed, this article will be updated with related information.

In the meantime, it’s possible to speculate when, and if, Black Clover’s 5th season premiere date will be in the future.

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Black clover season 5 release date will premiere with the release of 171 episode. The anime for the fifth season of Black Clover was not discussed during the March 30, 2024 announcement. Unfortunately, this was not surprising if we keep in mind previous season’s announcements.

The extension of the third season was not officially announced until just before the end of the second season. Even then, the anime director’s first official word was on Twitter. FUNimation announced the fourth season on Twitter in October 2020, just a few months before its premiere.

Studio Pierrot has released new episodes of Black Clover (which have nothing to do with COVID-19) with few interruptions. For example, the studio took a week off for New Year 2024, which meant the release date for episode 158 of Black Clover was January 5, 2024.

Black clover season 5 Trailer

Why would the studio end season four with episode 170 after just 16 episodes, making Black Clover fans feel like Attack On Titan fans? The first two seasons were 51 episodes each, while the third season had 52 episodes and ended with episode 154.

The main problem is that the anime is fast catching up with the manga series. There are no more useful gaps in the story that original anime content can be placed in. They probably don’t want to interrupt a big war story with filler episodes.

COVID-19 also impacted on anime industry where the episode # 133 delayed to July 2020 from May 2020.

It is also very likely that future seasons like black clover season 6 will be planned around major storylines. This could mean that the anime TV series will have definitive season breaks instead of moving from one season to the next every year.

Since the goal is likely to give the manga creator even more time to create new chapters, the best screenplay is 2024. Assuming the anime TV series will be released months after the movie, it’s possible that the season’s release date. 5 from Black Clover will be mid to late 2024.