The role of the Ghosts of the Deep dungeon in Destiny 2 and the types of new weapons that can now be obtained

Destiny 2 has always attracted a lot of players to its servers due to constant updates, an interesting space setting, the ability to unite in groups and resist the alien invasion and a small pool of heroes that can be developed in a convenient format.

Regular updates bring new locations and territories to the game, so in Lightfall, players saw a new planet for themselves, Neptune, which became available for exploration and continuation of the storyline. New was also a new subclass – the Stand, which brought new mechanics of weapons and abilities to Destiny 2 and changed the tactics of their use.

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With the release of the new season and the Ghosts of the Deep raid, another weapon containing stand power has appeared, which can be obtained after successfully completing raids and completing story missions.

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New weapon in Destiny 2, which is obtained as part of the season in the Ghosts of the Deep raid

Each new season, developers from Bungie introduce new types of weapons that should rethink old mechanics and add new interesting formats that will force players to experiment and look for interesting perks and not get hung up on one weapon video, but constantly look for something new and untried.

The situation is also with the power of the stand – the new system of subclasses in the Lightfall update and weapons with this specialization have not yet appeared in the game, and as part of the new season, all players will have the opportunity to test a couple of specimens and evaluate their combat power and perks.

In total, it is worth highlighting 5 types of weapons, each of which is made in blue and white colors and is distinguished by its applicability to the stand and sun subclass:

  • Tracer rifle stand
  • Glaive
  • Rocket launcher
  • Grenade launcher
  • Submachine gun

Tracer rifle stand

trace rifle destiny 2

The main weapon of the current season, a unique rifle that combines a new Stand subclass, has perks for accelerated reloading and perk rollback even when not using a rifle – this means that you will always have two accelerated reloads in battle to continue the battle.

The weapon combines static to deal consistent damage that ignores armor with a skill that allows you to shoot an ally to boost their combat stats.

The rifle is a perfect match for the warlock, with a support focus to combine buffs and regenerate allies with new upgrade options that the new Stand Rifle comes with in Destiny 2.

You will also receive an additional cooldown bonus if you finish off an enemy, or after resurrecting an ally. In this way, you can achieve up to 4 lightning-fast recharges with a constant update of at least one of them.


glaive weapon destiny 2

Uses the power of the sun as the basis of his power, allowing you to combine the effects of attack and defense to enhance the defensive, or attacking qualities. It can accumulate energy due to incoming Wuon and implement it back into the attacker.

You can use the Fixed Object perk, which will increase the power of the defensive shield if the hero is in one place

The second important perk will be, on the contrary, the ability to deal increased retaliatory damage.

Rocket launcher

Rocket launcher destiny 2

Rocket launcher is one of the most powerful weapons in Destiny 2, as it allows you to not only deal heavy damage, but also enhance it by transferring it to nearby enemies due to fragments.

You can use several perks to modify the types of arrows.

For example, sacrifice damage in favor of the speed of shots and reloading of a rocket launcher, turning it into a full-fledged artillery.

You can slow down the rocket reload speed, but increase the combat reserve and the number of rockets fired at the same time.

From the perks, you can choose a strong slowdown for all indirectly affected heroes, the effect of shrapnel to destroy and surrounding enemies around your target.

Grenade launcher

destiny 2 granade launcher

The grenade launcher differs from the rocket launcher in the speed of the projectile and in the general direction in dealing damage from fragments and spreading effects.

The player can choose several perks that will unlock the potential of the grenade launcher even more.

A strong slowdown of all targets hit – this choice will help to significantly reduce the mobility of opponents and give your allies more freedom of action.

Ruthlessness – allows you to restore your health every time several opponents were hit with one shot.

Submachine gun

Submachine gun destiny 2

One of the fastest and most underestimated types of weapons in terms of its combat qualities.

The submachine gun can deal very fast damage, with a medium level of power, which can be further enhanced by various perks and passive effects from subclasses.

One of the most important perks is the ability to further increase attack speed and increase accuracy. If you can inflict stable damage on the enemy, then at the expense of speed, you can achieve serious progress due to stable damage per conventional unit of time.

The submachine gun has essentially received a major overhaul and the developers from Bungie continue to return to the game, or vice versa, to strengthen the long-forgotten types of weapons in Destiny 2.

The new season of Ghosts of the Deep gives players the opportunity to finally fully try out various weapons with the Stand specialization, and if you manage to get to the tracer rifle through completing tasks and raids, then you have every chance to get a unique experience and become much more useful to the battlegroup, than it was before.