How to hide whatsapp chat easily

Don’t want an indiscreet look on one of your confidential conversations in WhatsApp? A little trick allows you to hide it temporarily and quickly, without removing it.

We all use WhatsApp to chat with our friends, family, colleagues and other contacts. However, there are times when we don’t want others to access our WhatsApp discussions because they can be quite private. In this case, you can learn how to hide discussions in WhatsApp with a password or simply archive them.

To do this, you can use WhatsApp’s native feature or just try any third-party app as well. Keep reading as in this ultimate guide, I’ll teach you how to hide WhatsApp discussions on iPhone and Android in every way possible.

Like any messaging service, WhatsApp can host confidential content. And whether professional or personal, some discussions must remain strictly private. The problem is, by default, all your current chat will appear in anti-chronological order – from the newest to the oldest – as soon as you open the app. At a glance, a person nearby can see who you’re talking to, which can be embarrassing in some situations.

Fortunately, there is a straightforward way to hide discussions without removing them temporarily, to avoid indiscretions: it is enough to archive chat. Admittedly, this method, which works both android and iOS, is not a guarantee of privacy.

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As you’ll see, it’s effortless to view an archived chat, and anyone with a few seconds’ access to your phone will be able to find what you’ve hidden quickly. But it is very easy to implement and will at least protect you from too curious stealth looks, during travel or the office, for example.

Temporarily archive a WhatsApp discussion

WhatsApp does not offer a masking function. But it’s straightforward to hide a conversation by archiving it.

  • On your mobile, open the WhatsApp app and go to the Disc tab if it’s not displayed right away.
  • In the list of ongoing threads, tap more than a second on the conversation you want to hide to select it.
  • A notch appears in your correspondent’s photo to show that the discussion is well selected.
  • In the functions headband, at the top of the screen, press the square-shaped icon with an arrow, just to the left of the three small dots. The selected discussion immediately disappears from the list: it is now stored in the archived chats.
  • Repeat with the other conversations you want to hide. You can do it all at once, selecting multiple threads before pressing the archiving icon.

Restoring an archived discussion in WhatsApp

The archived chat hasn’t been removed from your mobile: it’s just moved to WhatsApp’s archived chat folder. And you can make it reappear in the list of current conversations very quickly.

  • Open the WhatsApp app, go to the Disc tab, and scroll down to the bottom after the last discussion.
  • Tap Archived (X) X to indicate the number of archived threads.
  • You’ll see a list of archived threads. You can check them usually by opening them individually.
  • In the list, press for more than a second on the conversation you want to. Again, a notch indicates that the conversation is well selected.
  • In the functions headband, at the top of the screen, press the square-shaped icon with an arrow – the arrow is the other way around this time. The selected discussion immediately disappears from the archives and reappears in the list of current chats. Do the same with all the chats you want to revive back.