How to use whatsapp on your Computer

You thought that the day when it would be possible to use whastapp from your PC in a quick and easy way would never happen? Well it is now possible to talk with your contacts through the keyboard of your computer, and without the need to install bluestack.

However, this feature is only available to people with the latest version of the app and is not yet available to iOS customers. If you want to know how to use whatsapp from your computer,don’t miss this article of everythingHow we show how to do step by step.

Steps by Step on using whatsapp in your personal computer (PC)

1- First of all it is important to know the requirements to be able to use whastapp on your computer:
  • Owning a smartphone
  • Have the most up-to-date version of the app (2.11.498)
  • Have Google Chrome as a web browser (at the moment this option is not available with the rest of the browsers)

2- The first step will be to open Google Chrome and go in the direction

This page will be the page through which you will use whatsapp from your computer, and to do so appears a QR or bidi code that you will need to use on continuation.

whatsapp web in computer
3- Previously on your smartphone or mobile phone you will need to open the Whastapp app and go to the “parameters” menu. For android phones you access it with the three small vertical dots at the top right

4- Once in “settings,” you’ll need to go to the “Whatsapp web” option to be able to use the app from your computer

5- At that time your phone will ask you to scan the QR code that has been generated on the web page that you opened beforehand on your computer’s chrome browser.

6- To do this you will need to place your laptop’s camera in front of the computer screen, as if you were going to take a picture of it, the code will read automatically and the web page will change.


Comment utiliser Whatsapp depuis votre ordinateur - Étape 3
7- Now the messages from your conversations and chats are synchronized and you’ll see your Whastapp appear on your computer screen. It is important that you keep your phone connected, otherwise you will no longer be able to use whatsapp from your computer.
8- That’s it! you can now use Whastapp from your computer: start a new chat, resume a conversation you started, talk in a group, send files, change your status, etc. You’ll be able to do exactly what you did on your phone’s whatsapp app, but from your computer.
9- When you want to stop using whatsapp from your computer, in addition to closing the Google Chrome tab, you’ll need to open the app from your smartphone, go to the Settings/Whatsapp Web menu and then you’ll see all the sessions initiated on various computers.

10- By pressing the “Disconnection of all session on computer” button you will close all previously opened sessions and you will be able to use whatsapp again only from your smartphone. Easy, isn’t it?

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