How to Make Your Business Instagram Page Gain as Many Subs as Possible in 2024?

In 2024 IG has turned into a platform that offers a thousand opportunities to those who are willing to develop, advertise and sell their products, services, and content on social media. With over one billion active followers here the “market” of potential readers and clients is truly impressive – any business of any size can find its audience and make money off its page. However, the competition amongst content and product creators is pretty high today, so to reach the success you’re going to need some knowledge and some luck: if you’d use special tools you can make your life sufficiently easier though.

In this article, we’re going to discuss the main instruments that are here for you. We will be talking mainly about the paid services though, as the free methods aren’t working as well for the business pages or the pages that have bigger aims and ambitions. We will talk about the possibility to buy likes on Instagram from websites such as Viplikes, also we will talk about how the targeted ad should be set and where to seek free support if you’re not investing lots of money into cooperation with big bloggers from the very start.

What do you start with


Before you start doing generally anything about your profile’s promotion, organize it correctly first – upload enough posts that would tell your clients about your product, make them familiar with your brand’s philosophy and tell them a thing or two about you as a creator. Your page should have at least 12 posts so that the feed would look filled and decent. Don’t forget about the stories as well – put them into highlights in the right order, choosing the priorities to place them correctly so that people would get acquainted with all the main info without having to deep dive into your page.

Think about the general image too – choose the colors (work on the color scheme), tone of voice (the manner that is going to be used to handle the comments and messages and how the posts are going to be written), and figure out the whole style of the page that you’re going to manage. All of that should be set at the very beginning so that your incoming audience wouldn’t have to wonder about sudden changes in the style and manner of the account management if you’d decide to make it better somewhere in the middle.

How to start the promotion


So, as we have said, there are different methods you can use, some of them are free and some of them are paid. We’d recommend only paid methods for the business accounts, as free ones don’t bring the results as fast and as decent as the paid methods do. What to begin though? We’d say that purchasing subscribers is the best idea, as this method takes little effort from the side of the owner of the account and brings pretty quick results if done decently. You see, there is the only nuance that you should be keeping in your mind – you need to purchase only real and decent subs. We mean – your bought subs should be real people who are willing to cooperate with the company that does the promotion of the profiles and rewards its helpers in the end. This way everybody is going to be satisfied with the results and you’re going to go through the process safely.

If the subs are fake, you’re risking getting into the shadow ban, as Insta algorithms are going to perceive your page as fake too. It is going to have too many interactions with the fake pages if you’d purchase bots as subs. So make sure that you check the quality and take on exclusively qualitative services, otherwise, you’re just going to waste your money on nothing.

However, if you’d buy the real subs, your page is going to get that much-needed base to rely on later. The people who are going to come to your page because of the other services that you’d use are going to see that your profile is already liked and supported by many other people, and this is going to play a nice psychological trick on them. So don’t hesitate to use it and extract all the possible benefits.

How to proceed


When the base is formed, it is wise to add some other methods of promotion to the process – for example, if you don’t want to spend too much money on it from the very start, you can try free collaboration with the bloggers who have approximately the same number of followers as you do (or a little bit more), or you can work with them for a barter (if you’re trying to promote and sell something materialistic). This one will take almost none of your resources, but will give great results though; you’ll be able to widen the circle of people who will see and might like your product, and if you’d go through such an action enough times, you’d be able to gather a thousand subs pretty quickly.

But to get the best results it is best to work with the bigger bloggers who know what they’re doing and know how to organize nice quality native advertising. This is an ad where they recommend something to their viewers and those are highly likely to support it, as this is a direct recommendation from a blogger whom they trust. Surely, the price may vary and you should be choosing the blogger who’s not going to destroy your whole budget, but the key is – to add influence marketing to the list and do it, as this is almost the only way to bring an interested audience to your profile.
And at the very end, it would be smart to set a targeted ad – it is the most pricey one (due to its duration and the settings of the audience reach) and it should always


If you’re trying to manage a business page (or if you have big aims for your personal page about life or hobby), pay attention to a chance to take on paid third-party services that can make your life way easier. Don’t hesitate to buy likes, followers, comments, and whatever else you need. Check the quality and if it’s nice you’re going to get great benefits out of it!