5 Tips for Creating Captivating Instagram Videos

Undoubtedly, Instagram has become one of the most useful marketing tools. There are one billion people who use it every single day. If this is not an indicator of popularity, we don’t know what is. That makes it a perfect marketing tool. So, not using it is a big mistake in this day and age.

Since so many people use it daily, it becomes obvious that it can provide your business with numerous advantages. Naturally, successfully using this tool is impossible if you don’t know how to make engaging content. Thankfully, the platform offers you numerous possibilities in that regard.

Without any doubt, video content is the most prevalent one these days. You can use numerous tools to make the content both engaging and high-quality. Naturally, it is always possible to use some additional tools like adobe.com besides the in-built ones.

Today, we want to provide you with some tips on how to create captivating Instagram videos.

1. Determine the Goals

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Before you can do anything relevant to creating a captivating Instagram clip, you need to know what you’re aiming for and the modus operandi to achieve it. So, you need to determine whether you want to increase the number of followers or more people to know about your brand.

Naturally, the possibilities are much broader than those we’ve named here. Knowing your goals means knowing how to act in certain situations. Sometimes, the goal you want to achieve might determine what filming techniques you will use. But this is not the only one; numerous aspects depend on your wishes.

2. The Narrative is Crucial

Sure, having content of the highest possible quality is something we all want. Even the best camera out there cannot replace the story you want to provide your followers with. People love visuals, but the narrative is the glue that makes them stick to the clip and watch it more than just once.

Marketers know this the best. They use narrative to present their brand to potential clients and collaborators. Creating the narrative needs to be done before you start filming your clip. It wouldn’t hurt you to write a high-detailed scenario before that.

That doesn’t mean everything in this scenario will be set in stone. There’s always room to innovate and remove certain aspects you don’t feel to be essential to the narrative. Sure, you can write that scenario yourself, but we would advise you to consider asking for some help from those with a lot of experience writing these.

3. Focus on the Audience

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Creating a captivating video has only one goal, to spark interest from the audience. It means that you should know whom you are trying to address with the clip you are about to make. If you do not know your audience, then it is clear you will not be able to achieve all the goals you have set prior to proceeding with generating the content.

One of the ways you can do that is to conduct a couple of surveys on your channel. These do not take too much time, and most people are not hesitant about participating in them. While the feedback might seem like an insignificant element, you will see that it will prove to be essential in the long run.

If you have a competitor who’s managed to do this right, it’s not a wrong thing to see what are the things the competitor has done right and then try to implement some of its methods into your modus operandi. Knowing your audience will guarantee you will make the most out of your investments in the long run.

4. The Size

The size of the videos you create is a significant element you shouldn’t overlook. For that reason, you need to focus on this element quite a bit. The first size we want to address is the equivalent of stories. It means that the clips will be the same as stories in terms of length, but they will tell more than stories.

Feed video size resembles the ones you see whenever you open your Instagram feed. These feed ones are used to promote certain products, collaborations with the audience, or services. These do not last more than sixty seconds, and their ratios are usually 9:16.

The third one we want to shine a light upon is the one that resembles reels. Reels have become a significant element in this platform. Not only that it is popular, but it is also an effective one. They also do not last more than a minute. They are both short and sweet, and they are an irreplaceable element in every promotion strategy.

5. Hashtags

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Finally, we want to disclose one of the most significant things on Instagram. We are talking about hashtags. These are irreplaceable for those who want to focus on a certain niche and make the most of it. That doesn’t mean you should use all the hashtags you come across. Instead, focus on those who can make an impact.

Thankfully, finding these is not a hard thing to do. You just need to commit some time to research them, and inevitably you will find the ones that can help you promote your page. What do hashtags have to do with clips? Well, every experienced marketer will tell you they have much to do with it.

They work pretty much the same as with any other posts you will make on the page. Adding them to a post will make it possible for them to appear to people whose preferences complement what you have to offer. Therefore, we would call hashtags an irreplaceable part of your future videos and any other sort of content.

The Bottom Line

Creating interesting and captivating content is not an easy thing to do. Here, we’ve provided you with some tips on how to achieve that. We are sure you will find them helpful