9 Best Social Trading Platforms 2024: Your Key to Successful Investing

Social platforms for crypto trading provide amazing investment ideas by experts for copying trades and making better decisions. Being a beginner, you can seek advice from industry professionals and learn many things about the market. Ready-made strategies ease the investment journey and train beginners to perform best in the field.

Many investors feel ready to discuss their views and share ideas regarding the upcoming trades. By helping others, traders focus on creating a network to generate a side income.

However, the challenge is finding platforms to get advice from reliable trade experts. Many social apps like Bidsbee are considerable to start your crypto trading journey.

Explore the platforms that can help you connect with crypto experts, investors, and enthusiasts. Join the network and create strategies to invest in digital assets profitably.

Before considering any advice from an investor, confirm it through other resources. Connect with genuine experts on these platforms to seek trading advice.

1. Bidsbee


Within a single app, connect socially and copy trades experts suggest. The terminal feature enhances daily profit-earning chances by providing regular indicators, trailing ideas, and running algorithms to evaluate the market data continuously.

Beginners can enter the digital currency trading world and prepare themselves with the expert strategies available on this platform. By helping newbies, expert traders also generate income and, hence, benefit the entire crypto market.

2. eToro

This platform was developed to form a community to discuss trades and help investors earn profits. It supports commission-free trading, so more than 30 million people are connected.

The CopyTrader feature allows beginners to copy and perform the trades with expert insights. You can seek professional help and earn money on this application in exchange for incentives. Anyone can join eToro and make their first step towards crypto trading.

3. Freetrade


Access the great community forum to perform discussions with crypto experts and ask for investment ideas. Mention your trading level and connect with professionals by asking queries separately. Keep learning about the market and set trading strategies accordingly.

The application is easy to understand and use with all the automated tools. Upgrade the standard plan to the premium one to access better features and seek precise expert advice. Anyone looking for an affordable platform to begin trading must consider Freetrade.

4. OctaFX

Analyzing and implementing the solution is challenging when using any social community-based trading platform. OctaFX is a perfect platform for newbies to learn thoroughly and copy different trading solutions. Know everything about the crypto market by joining the community of experts and becoming an active member in the open discussions.

Using the monitoring tool, you can analyze the crypto market from every aspect and understand trade timings accurately. Explore educational or research material regarding the market available on this platform. Connect with experts through the community and get the trade advice you need to make money.

5. BingX

Crypto markets are easily accessible to everyone through BingX-like applications. Any investor can enter crypto and attempt trading through simple strategies. The process will be simple and transparent to avoid confusion or possible mistakes.

People from any background can engage with crypto professionals and prepare strategies to handle their trades profitably. The application comes with a simple interface, which anyone can operate easily.

6. Kryll


A crypto trader who wants to use automated tools and high-end trading strategies must consider the Kryll application. Within a single platform, an investor can join the hive and get professional advice to get better returns from a volatile market. Take risks with experts and multiply your investment amount within a few minutes.

Use powerful tools available on this platform to make foolproof trading strategies. Take things beyond your imagination and leave the rest of the job to this app. Believe in yourself and focus on your goals. With proper technical analysis, you will achieve trades as you expect.


It is more like a digital wallet that helps profitably store and exchange your assets. Explore all the cryptocurrencies available on this platform and decide to trade them wisely. The reason why it is in high demand is due to high-order processing.

You are free to trade from anywhere through your mobile app. Use trading signals by professionals and manage your crypto wallet. Stay in touch with your account manager if you require a solution to any problem while using the platform.

8. Zulu

It is another demanding app for copy trading. You can create your account, join the network, and explain your investment ideas. Depending on the overall performance of the traders, this platform ranks investors and helps newbies to copy according to their risk-taking ability.

With little experience, you can change the settings, turn it into manual mode, and do everything without any advice. It is your choice whether to use automated tools for developing strategies and do everything as per your instincts. Enhance your overall trading experience and optimize your approach to trade successfully.

9. Coinmatics


This platform offers great opportunities to earn extra income by sharing trade details with newbies. Many new traders are joining the crypto market with no knowledge or experience. With expert help, they can get success in trading.

It is easy to make profitable strategies with professional support and guidance. Initially, it is important to check the records of crypto experts before copying the strategies. Understand the market and set your risk level. You can play with trades without manipulating your real funds.

Final Thoughts

Successful cryptocurrency investment as a beginner with guidance is possible! Understanding the digital market and analyzing the data before trading assets is mandatory. With little or no knowledge about this field, a new trader cannot survive the volatility and versatility of the market.

These social investing applications will ease your trading journey. Join a community of experts and get trade advice for successful investment strategies.

Professionals charge a commission or some amount for the advice. But with time, you will learn everything about the market and trade yourself without anyone’s guidance.