How to delete Messages from Whatsapp Group

WhatsApp groups include several people who write lots of messages that are not at all important to the conversation. If you wish, it is possible to delete messages that don’t have much value keep only what is important (for example, the day and time of the conversation).

Steps to Delete Messages From Whatsapp Group

Follow these simple steps to do so without deleting the group you belong to. Here’s how to delete messages from a WhatsApp group.

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Steps to follow:
  • Go to the Whatsapp
  • Open the group you’re interested in.
  • Place the cursor or your finger on the comments you want to delete.
  • It is better to start with the newer ones, as they will probably be the most annoying.
  • You will see that you are given 3 choices: R for reply, D to eliminate and F to send.
  • Select D. You will then be asked if you want to delete the message.
  • Select delete.
  • You are done 🙂

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