Is It Good To Wear An Evil Eye Ring?

Have you ever wondered why people believe in the power of amulets, good luck charms, and other things they believe can protect them from negative energies? And if these can really offer protection?

Well, you’ll be surprised to find out that a University in Koln, Germany has decided to do an experiment on this. The results were quite surprising, as they found out that people who wore these things with them while completing tasks they were given, were much more successful than others. It could be a placebo, of course, that gave a boost to their confidence because they truly believed in the protection of their talismans.

What happened during the experiment is that the participants were asked to bring their lucky charms with them to do the test. In order to find out which of these talismans were most common in people, the staff took them to be photographed. There were all kinds of stuff there, from rings to stuffed toys.

Half of the participants were given the objects back before the test began, and the other half were told that there were technical problems with the photography equipment and that the objects would be returned to them later. During the testing, the participants solved memory games on the computer, and the results showed that the group that had their talismans solved the tasks better. Later tests revealed that this group had more self-confidence and certainty in their success, which encouraged them to achieve better results. People from this group set themselves bigger goals when solving the game.

So, even though it might have been a placebo, these things still serve the purpose. But, did you know there’s one particular type of talisman almost all o we have in our homes? We brought it from traveling the East or got it as a souvenir from someone we know. It is commonly known as “the evil eye”.

What’s the story behind it, and do you know what it really means?


In the East, it is often referred to as Nazar, which derives from the Arabic word for the look. It is one of the protective symbols in one of the oldest religions in Turkey. Aside from Turkey you’ve probably seen it all over Greece, Cyprus, Egypt, Afghanistan, Iran, Lebanon… and there you could find it in houses, offices, cars, as jewelry, and for home decoration purposes. According to Islamic tradition, Muhammad’s daughter Fatima gave her fiancé a piece of blue glass, and thanks to this amulet he successfully completed his journey overcoming all possible obstacles.

It is usually made of hand-made glass, and although it is most often blue, it can also be found in white and black, sometimes even gold. In essence, it is the equivalent of a Christian crucifix and serves to protect the wearer from the bad energies of people.

It is often placed near the door of the house, in order to measure and assess every visitor, while mothers tend to place it next to the baby’s crib to protect the newborn from evil, evil eyes.

Why do people believe in its power?


It’s not the story or some kind of a spell that makes it powerful, but something else. It is believed that it can dispel all negative vibrations from the one who wears it, due to its composition, as it is made of glass, copper, iron, water, and salt.

Hence, if you have been planning to purchase a piece of jewelry such as a ring with this symbol, you’ll definitely have more than just an accessory. According to StoryJewellery rings have been a symbol of status and power since ancient times. But this decorative item is also meant to be an amulet for attracting luck, success, and abundance. Rings with certain inscriptions or symbols are considered powerful amulets.

In the sea of so many trends, at least when it comes to jewelry, everyone can find what suits them best. And in recent seasons, the offer is really colorful – from massive pieces of jewelry to sophisticated, elegant, and minimalist pieces. So, if you are searching for a ring with this symbol, you’ll be surprised by how many different versions you can find.

Whether something will be popular or not is often determined by public figures and influencers, so it often happens that certain models are sold out just because a celebrity posted a photo with this piece of jewelry. In the past, situations like this happened often. The last in a series of trends is “The Evil Eye” amulet, which is worn and adored by numerous celebrities such as Gigi Hadid, Zayn Malik, and Megan Markle.

How it works…


When reading about amulets many would think that they work by blocking negative energies communing from other sources, which is partly true. But the thing with the evil eye, according to the tradition is that aside from blocking it also sends good fortune to those who send you negativity. So, it has a beneficial effect on both. As for other reasons people choose to wear it, the second most common is its beneficial effect on health. Again, this is probably because of its composition, which we’ve mentioned earlier in the text.

According to Turkish beliefs, this eye should protect you from three kinds of evils. The first is the unconscious, and therefore produces the weakest effect (often unintentional); the second is the so-called conscious, where evil is produced with a specific intention and usually by order; while the third and at the same time the most dangerous is the so-called invisible eye.

So, if by now you have been wondering why people like to have it, you should be clear of that. Moreover, all the things we’ve described in this article should motivate you to choose a piece of jewelry with this symbol, preferably a ring, and wear it for both protection and good looks.