All Jobs WhatsApp Groups in Pakistan

Unemployment is a growing problem in Pakistan and it’s creating financial difficulties for our country. Getting jobs in Pakistan becomes a difficult task. To find jobs in a country where unemployment is high and the economy continues its downward trend, some people have created Jobs WhatsApp groups in Pakistan to help educated and skillful people to get jobs. In these groups, there is much opportunities to get a job.

Available jobs WhatsApp groups in Pakistan

We are about to explore some of the most powerful and best Pakistani jobs groups on WhatsApp. The list is below:

  • Jobs News For Everyone
  • Pakistan jobs group
  • Jobs in Rwp/Islamabad
  • Jobs in Sindh/Karachi
  • Jobs daily updates
  • Pakistani Jobs Update
  • Jobs in KPK/Peshawar
  • Jobs in Lahore

In these groups, some exist for specific cities of Pakistan so if you in a group of your city then you will be able to get a good job in a short time.

Rules to join jobs WhatsApp groups in Pakistan

To join these groups, you have to follow some privacy and policy rules listed below:

  • Do not share irrelevant messages about other topics of the group related.
  • Spamming is not allowed in the group (ie. share memes, adverts ordeals, etc via any link.
  • No fighting or abusing the other group members and No abusive language
  • You cannot share more than 5 messages in the group per day and Don’t everyone wants the same information.
  • Do not change the group name or group profile picture.
  • Do not share any advertisement or promotion or affiliate link on any group. ( you can only shear shopping types WhatsApp groups,
  • Respect the group admin also a group member.

Links of some jobs WhatsApp groups

  1. PakistanHiring Corner Group 01:
  2. Hiring Corner Group 02:
  3. My Better Career WhatsApp Group 01:
  4. My Better Career WhatsApp Group 02:
  5. My Better Career WhatsApp Group 03:
  6. My Better Career WhatsApp Group 04:
  7. My Better Career WhatsApp Group 05:
  8. My Better Career WhatsApp Group 06:
  9. My Better Career WhatsApp Group 07:
  10. Hiring Corner Group 03:
  11. Hiring Corner Group 04:
  12. Hiring Corner Group 05:
  13. My Better Career WhatsApp Group 08:
  14. My Better Career WhatsApp Group 09:
  15. My Better Career WhatsApp Group 10:
  16. My Better Career WhatsApp Group 11:
  17. My Better Career WhatsApp Group 12:
  18. My Better Career WhatsApp Group 13:
  19. My Better Career WhatsApp Group 14:

How to join Jobs WhatsApp groups in Pakistan

You can easily join these groups via their links. Just tap on the link and the group will open on your device; then tap on the join now and you will become a participant in this group.

How to leave WhatsApp groups for jobs in Pakistan

Open The WhatsApp Group from which you want to Exit The Group. Now simply click the Three Dot Option, And then click More Options; You will find an option for “Exit group” on your screen that allows users like yourself out of groups quickly and easily with just one quick action!


In this article, we find the best WhatsApp groups of Pakistan that are easy to join and helpful for finding your dream job. So go ahead and join groups.