Black Clover Filler List: All Black Clover Filler Episodes Updated 2024

There is a huge fans of  Black Clover filler list . Black Clover is one of the most renowned anime series. With action, comedy and adventure packed into each episode; it’s an unconventional take on the magical-fantasy genre that will leave you wanting more.

Black Clover is a show with 17% filler episodes. This means if you’re looking for an anime that’s not boring, this one should be your go-to choice. In total 170 , only 17 reported which is quite low.

Manga Black Clover Filler List 2024

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Black Clover Episode List

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Are there any fillers  in Black Clover Manga?

Black Clover is a manga series written and illustrated by the Japanese mangaka group, Yūki Tabata. This article will be about the anime adaptation of Black Clover that was made in 2017.

It follows Asta as he becomes an apprentice to a Wizard named Yuno, who is from the Clover Kingdom—the birthplace of magic users. The story starts when Asta has been abandoned at birth because of his lack of magical power and he strives to become the Wizard King (Fuegoleon Vermillion).

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The story follows a young boy born without any supernatural abilities and his quest to become the Wizard King. He hopes to do this with the help of fellow members in an organization known as Black Bulls, who are also magicians fighting against magical creatures called “creatures.”

As he strives towards achieving his goal, Asta is unknowingly being watched by some important people from afar and their intentions may not be what they seem. Along his journey, Asta meets new friends like Noelle Silva, Finral Roulacase and Cassandra La’Roche who help him on his journey while fighting against those with dark intentions.

The plot revolves around Asta, a young boy who seems to have been born without any supernatural ability—unbeknownst even himself about life outside all that has surrounded him so far such as wizards or magic traps. In order for him reach achievement of becoming someone great like “the new wizard king”. Black clover filler list based in it.

Asta and Yuno were abandoned by their village, but they have since become best friends. They want to see who will be the next ruler of magus so Asta decided he would find a way to get rid of all magic in this world.

Astrid was born with no magical abilities at all which made him an outcast among others in his family because if one has little or no power then that means you are not really human; instead, you’re some sort of celestial being from above. Now lets wrap up the post to Black Clover anime filler list 2024

Final Words

“Anime Black Clover Filler List” is a list of all the filler episodes for “Black Clover.” If you are looking for another anime series, please tell us in the comments.