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New Twitch Whatsapp group link

Twitch is an American collaborative platform that allows you to watch videos of people. Not just any people. People playing video games.

People often mix it with youtube but its different as on YouTube, the videos are edited and edited upstream, then stored on Google’s platform, while on Twitch, they are live broadcasts, under the same conditions as the World Cup final or Eurovision. But with legendary maps, blood elves or Pokémon instead of Ukrainian singers and carnivorous footballers, so.

Lets dive into some whatsapp groups of twitch :

If I missed a live on Twitch, I can never watch it again?

Actually, You can . Even though the core of the platform is live streaming, the videos can also be stored. This is one of the biggest problems Twitch Interactive has: its servers are filled with old broadcasts that the world doesn’t watch, the live being the most important.

sOkay, but what’s the point of watching someone else play?

This is the criticism usually addressed from outside to Twitch, and yet, for a video game enthusiast, the benefits are not lacking. First of all, there is the pleasure of live, with its lot of adrenaline and suspense, when it comes to an international video game competition (then called “e-sports”), or an attempt to break a world record on a game (it is then a “speedrun”, see below). Twitch whatsapp groups will help you join things in groups and enjoy watching.

It also allows you to discover the techniques and tricks of the best, and thus improve yourself in your favorite games. Or, quite foolishly, to see in action games that we would hesitate to buy, and sometimes to discover some that we would not even have imagined giving a chance.

Finally, Twitch is also a community, with its champions known and appreciated by amateurs, its leading commentators, its amazing, its wacky experiences, etc., in short, a kind of alternative television, for a subculture that never ceases to expand and innovate.