How to Change Group Admin in Whatsapp

How to Change Group Admin in Whatsapp

Whatsapp groups are a good way to get in touch with friends and family, sharing interesting or entertaining content, organizing events, reunions, everything! And although if we don’t ignore notifications,they can be disturbing, the truth is that now it’s hard for us to live without. Easy Steps to Change Whatsapp Group Admin If you are … Read more

How to Clone Whatsapp Easily

how to clone whatsapp

Is it possible to clone Whatsapp? Is it true that someone can take over our account, fool all the app’s security systems, and monitor our conversations? Many people ask me, and that’s why today I decided to look at the issue to clarify, or rather, to understand what behavior is and situations to which we need … Read more

Are whatsapp groups safe – 7 Tips to Protect WhatsApp

Are whatsapp groups encrypted and safe

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messengers in the world, however  its users are constantly exposed to multiple attacks and threats. Even despite the fact that the developers have introduced encryption, you need to adhere to some rules and tips in order not to become victims of scammers and other crooks. More over … Read more

How to move WhatsApp to SD card

how to move whatsapp SD card

. Its a Messaging apps are quite popular now a days and today they are  most commonly used by users to send messages and make calls or video calls , almost all apps offer this feature, such as is the case with the Major platform in the world: WhatsApp. Depending on the device we use … Read more

Whatsapp Vs Telegram – Which one is better

whatsapp vs telegram

Whatsapp is the most popular and widely used instant messaging service all over the world. Its main competitor is Telegram,the app developed in Russia that is recommended by all those users who claim greater privacy protection and need a replacement for those times when WhatsApp does not work. But what changes? WhatsApp and Telegram in … Read more

how to whatsapp without saving number

How to send whatsapp messages without saving number

Sometimes we feel lazy when someone who is not in my contacts asks us to send them a message. When it’s a one-time interaction with that person, then a question comes to mind how to Whatsapp without saving number? This post will tell you how to send Whatsapp messages to anyone who is not on … Read more

How to hide whatsapp chat easily

how to hide whatsapp chat

Don’t want an indiscreet look on one of your confidential conversations in WhatsApp? A little trick allows you to hide it temporarily and quickly, without removing it. We all use WhatsApp to chat with our friends, family, colleagues and other contacts. However, there are times when we don’t want others to access our WhatsApp discussions … Read more

how to find groups on whatsapp

how to find whatsapp group

A friend convinced you to download WhatsApp and invited you to join a group on the popular messaging app. You would really like to oblige his request but, not being very familiar with technology, you don’t know how to do it. Don’t worry: you’ve come to the right place at the right time. In fact, I … Read more

How to delete whatsapp group

how to delete whatsapp group

If you are using WhatsApp, surely you must also be a member of several WhatsApp groups. There can be conversations on a wide variety of topics in these groups, from work to entertainment, and much more. These WhatsApp chat groups come with a lot of notifications, some can be useful but some can be completely … Read more