Felix Verdejo Net Worth [2023]: How Rich is the Boxer?

Best known for his 2012 Olympic match, Felix Verdejo currently competes as a light welterweight. According to him, he’s been honored as the most popular boxer from Puerto Rico. Whats felix verdejo Networth actually is and how rich is he? We will discuss here. He was compared to another legendary fighter from Puerto Rico: Felix “Tito” Trinidad.

Name Felix Verdejo
Age 27 Years Recently
Height 5’9″
Birth of Date May 19, 1993
Birth of Place San Juan, Puerto Rico
What does he do Boxer
Girlfriend Name  Luisinha Oliveira
Net Worth Approx $20 million

Felix Verdejo Early Life and Career

Source: the-sun.com

Verdejo lost his first professional fight when he was stopped in the 10th round. He waited eight months before returning to the ring in Puerto Rico to face Yardley.

After his first defeat, he fought Bryan Vasquez, the No. 7 ranked lightweight. He was the winner in a unanimous decision. Verdejo faced Masayoshi Nakatani for the WBO Intercontinental lightweight title in December 2020.

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He defeated Nakatani twice in the first and fourth rounds. The Japanese boxer knocked the champ out twice in the ninth round, but Nakatani’s brother hit the champ with a right hand and the champion retired

Felix Verdejo Networth Update

This source claims that Felix Verdejo is estimated to have a net worth of $30 million. Indeed, the professional boxer is considered to have a whopping million dollars. Verdejo signed a deal with Top Rank that included a $600,000 bonus.

Felix Verdejo | Contoversies and Murder

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Felix Verdejo is currently being held on charges of abducting and killing his pregnant wife on April 30, 2024.

According to the complaint filed in federal court, a 27 year-old pregnant woman was found dead, and she was carrying the baby of Verdejo.

After all, the boxer was accused of multiple serious crimes. He kidnapped a young boy, killed another person, and killed an unborn child. His career has been plagued by a variety of troubles and legal issues over the years

Motorcycle Accident of Felix Verdejo

Felix’s accident was caused by the motorcycle being hit head on. He wasn’t properly protected. As he struggled to get out of the burning building, he was covered in burns and many other injuries. It was an accident and he was rushed to the hospital where he was treated for head trauma and lacerations to the head and the whole left arm. He said : “Al together, I definitely learned a big lesson. I’m ready to grow as a person. I’ve never been as committed as I am today.”

Frequently asked Questions

Who is Verdejo wife?

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The 27-year-old boxer has been married for more than eight years to a woman named Eliz Marie Santiago Sierra.

Is Felix Verdejo a Dominican?

Félix Gabriel Verdejo Sánchez is aactually a Puerto Rican pro boxer who stayed in to the ring to compete from 2012-20. Félix Verdejo represented Puerto Rico at the 2012 Olympics in the light welterweight division.

How old is Felix Verdejo?

He is currently 29 years old and spending his time in Jail.

Where is Félix Verdejo now?

Verdejo has committed serious crimes in his peak career and now in Federal Prision United states in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico.