What to Do if You Have Slow Loading or Buffering on Peacock

We live in the world of streaming services. There are so many available that everyone has their favorite. Which one is yours? If it’s Peacock we’re on the same page. The NBC-owned streaming service is on the market for more than two years now, and it’s slowly garnering an audience. If it hadn’t we wouldn’t be here, right? While great in many departments, this streaming service is not without faults. Some of them are tied to the provider of the service, others to your device and internet provider.

One of the primary issues most of us face when using streaming services is slow loading. It is usually followed by buffering. These two things rarely go one without another. They’re like Sherlock and Watson or Brady and Gronk. Whichever comparison you like better doesn’t matter. What matters is that you faced these issues, and we can bet you on that. What we’re here to do today is to try and help you solve this issue. Have you given any idea of what to do if you have buffering or slow-loading issues on Peacock? Luckily for you, we have. Let’s see what can be done.

Check The Situation With The Provider

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This is the first step you should do. It is a matter of psychology. You need to understand that it is not always your fault. Do not start seeking the solution to the problem from within. Sometimes, the other party is at fault, and you need to determine that. It happens that even big systems such as Peacock, Netflix, or Hulu go down. That’s right. We’re talking about services worth millions of dollars, but even they can malfunction. In some cases, the problem might be your device or internet connection, but that doesn’t need to be the case every time. Sometimes, Peacock might have gone down. If you want to shoot a bullet in this direction you can click here and see if Peacock is failing to load or is buffering for too long only for you or if it’s everyone’s issue. After checking out the status of the streamer, and if everything is fine, you can continue with the standard approach we’re going to describe below.

Restart Your Device

The good old IT solution. Restarting our device is the oldest of cures in the technological department. Since the inception of computers, the restart button is one of the best cures for standard issues. Once you know that Peacock is not at fault, you need to search for issues around yourself. The devices we have today at our disposal are all high-tech, but there comes a time when they need a break. You’ll be giving them one by hitting the restart button. After a short refresh, it is going to be possible to continue liking your picked TV shows and films in some cases. When this solution helps the issue was probably some app in the background that was draining some of your flow of the internet. No big fuss, but if you don’t resolve it, there won’t be too much enjoyment in watching this streaming service.

Check Connections

Of course, if it is not the streamer, and it’s not your device, the number of guilty parties shrinks. The next in line to be accused is your internet provider. If you suspect that the company providing the internet is not up to the task you need to contact the provider. If they assure you that everything is fine, the issue might be physical right there in your home. So, taking things into your own hands is what needs to be done. We’re not talking about any Dwayne Johnson or Sylvester Stallone vigilante-style revenge, but about another simple restart. This time you need to approach your router. If this connection is creating havoc, and it’s not a general problem, but the one only you have, a router restart might bring the top-notch connection back. When this happens you can continue watching TV Shows and movies on this platform.

Move Onto Your Browser

Peacock has a list of browsers that are supportive of it. You need to be sure that you’re using one from that list. Even if this is the case, issues can arise. When you’re done with streaming services, internet providers, devices, and routers, it’s time for another restart. Slow loading and buffering can be issues that steam from the browser itself. This is the easiest thing you can do. Just close the app, and power it back up. Try to play what you intended and you’ll notice if things changed. In some cases, it would be even wise to change the browser which would aid in your viewing experience.

See Connected Devices

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When you’re on your home network the number of devices using the same network is probably huge. In my household, we have three computers, and dozens of smartphones tied to the same network. When the entire family is at home, slow loading and buffering are a harsh reality. When you face these issues o your home network it might be wise to check out all the devices connected to the same network. Sometimes a talk with your friends, family members, or even neighbors who share the network could help. Ask them to log off from the network and see if this is the issue. Sometimes a network can be overloaded in the case of too many connected devices. For someone looking to stream internet content, this will not be seen as good news.

Avoid Downloading

This might be a great issue. Downloading is an enemy of streaming. When you want to watch something without facing the issues of slow loading and buffering on Peacock or any other streaming platform it’s wise to see if anything is downloading in the background. If this is the case, pause it for the time you’re watching films or TV shows. This is another aspect that needs to be checked out with the people using the same network. It might also be the case that someone is playing an online game that requires a lot of internet flow going that way. Whatever the case might be for slow loading and buffering some of the advice we gave you will help without a doubt.