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Over the past decade, Afghanistan has made enormous progress in all aspects of development. That progress continues today under the pro-business and -investment leadership of the National Unity Government. We are building infrastructure, rooting out corruption, reforming our justice system, educating and training our people, opening up new opportunities for women, forging regional economic and trade partnerships, and capitalizing on our abundant natural resources and advantageous position at the heart of Central, South, and East Asia.

With significant reform efforts and donor support, Afghanistan has maintained macroeconomic stability, implemented important structural reforms, built policy buffers and a comfortable reserve position, lowered debt and inflation, created a balanced budget, and made progress toward achieving social and development objectives, including the Millennium Development goals (MDGs).

On July 29, Afghanistan reached an economic milestone by becoming the newest member of the World Trade Organization. In doing so, we reaffirmed our commitment to free market principles. There has never been a better time to invest in or do business with Afghanistan. As we grow, you grow.

The links below contain all the information you need to get started.

Invest in Afghanistan

Overview of the investment climate and opportunities from the Afghanistan Investment Support Agency.

Doing Business in Afghanistan

Country guide from Baker Tilly International providing an overview of rules and regulations covering business entities and accounting, finance and investment, employment regulations and tax. (October 2015)

Ease of Doing Business in Afghanistan
Summary of comprehensive annual data collated by the World Bank giving key indicators for business and economic conditions. Includes information on typical business procedures, showing time to complete and associated costs for each step.

Doing Business Law Library: Afghanistan

Links to business laws and regulations collated by the World Bank. Topics include:

  • banking and credit laws
  • bankruptcy and collateral laws
  • commercial and company laws
  • labour laws
  • land and building laws
  • securities laws
  • tax laws
  • trade laws

Links courtesy of ICAEW

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