The Cabinet

President: Mohammad Ashraf Ghani (website)
Chief Executive: Abdullah Abdullah (website)

First Vice President: Abdul Rashid Dostum
Second Vice President: Mohammad Sarwar Danish

First Deputy Chief Executive: Mohammad Khan
Second Deputy Chief Executive: Mohammad Mohaqeq

The following ministers were approved by the Afghan parliament:
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Salahuddin Rabbani (website)
Ministry of National Defense: Gen Tariq Shah Bahrami (website)
Minister of Interior: Wais Ahmad Barmak (website)
Minister of Finance: Eklil Hakimi (website)
Minister of Commerce and Industry: Humayoon Rasaw (website)
Minister of Justice: Abdul Basir Anwar (website)
Minister of Education: Assadullah Hanif Balkhi (website)
Minister of Economy: Mustafa Mastoor (website)
Minister of Rural Rehabilitation and Development: Nasir Ahmad Durrani (website)
Minister of Work and Social Affairs, Martyrs & Disabled: Nasrin Oryakhil (website)
Minister of Counter Narcotics: Salamat Azimi (website)
Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism: Mohammad Rasool (website)
Minister of Mines: Nargis Nehan (website)
Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and and Livestock: Assadullah Zameer (website)
Minister of Haj and Islamic Affairs: Faiz Mohammad Osmani (website)
Minister of Higher Education: Najibullah Khwaja Omri (website)
Minister of Public Works: Yama Yari (website)
Minister of Public Health: Ferozuddin Feroz (website)
Minister of Borders & Tribal Affairs: to be updated (website)
Minister of Urban Development: Sayed Mansur Naderi (website)
Minister of Refugees: Sayed Hussain Alimi Balkhi (website)
Minister of Women’s Affairs: Dilbar Nazari (website)
Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation: Muhammad Hamid Tahmasi (website)
Minister of Energy and Water: Ali Ahmad Osmani (website)
Minister of Communication and Information Technology: Shahzad Gul Aryobee (website)