Afghan Ambassador Mohib Condemns IED Blast That Killed 12 Afghan Civilians

February 17, 2017 – Afghan Ambassador to the U.S. Hamdullah Mohib strongly condemns the killing of 12 civilians, including eight children, on February 16 in Paktika Province, Afghanistan. 

The deaths occurred when a pressure plate improvised explosive device (PPIED) that had been placed on a main public road exploded as the group’s vehicle passed over it.

Four other passengers, including three children, were injured in the blast.

“It is unacceptable that innocent civilians – and especially children –continue to be brutally targeted for death by the enemies of peace,” Ambassador Mohib said. “It is the Government of Afghanistan’s highest priority to protect our citizens and defend our democracy, and every day our brave security forces lay down their lives to do so. We will never stop fighting to prevent attacks like this and to give our people the peaceful, stable future they so badly want and deserve.”