A Message from H.E. Roya Rahmani, Afghanistan’s Ambassador to the United States

Hello and welcome to the website of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Washington, D.C.

I am Ambassador Roya Rahmani, and it is my great honor to be the first female Ambassador representing my country in the United States. Here at the Embassy, we are committed to strengthening our partnership with the American people as we forge ahead towards an increasingly peaceful, democratic, and prosperous future. 

We are at a pivotal time in the history of Afghanistan.

Through the government’s commitment to reform and the hard work of our engaged citizens, we are shedding the legacies of war and corruption that for so long kept Afghans from pursuing opportunities and reaching their potential.

From the growing number of excellent schools and universities, to Afghanistan’s full membership in the WTO, to the reduction of impunity and corruption, things are moving forward and improving steadily. We are a young country, with the majority of Afghan citizens currently under the age of 35. These young people are hungry for opportunity, eager to prove themselves, and ready to hold their representatives accountable. Their commitment to democracy gives me hope.  I believe that they are our greatest asset and our guarantee of a better tomorrow.

Of course, despite all the forward momentum, many challenges remain. We know that the future of Afghanistan relies on a military strong enough to protect our nascent democracy. The generous support of the American people has been critical as we continue to face local, regional, and international terror networks that present a security threat not only to Afghans, but to the entire world. We are deeply grateful for the mutually beneficial security partnership that we have developed with the American military. We honor the many sacrifices made by American servicemen and women in our joint struggle for peace. As we stand at a decisive moment for the future of Afghanistan, it is more important than ever that we not lose sight of all that has been fought for and hard-won by these brave men and women.

Thank you for stopping by. As you get to know our work and our country, I would like you to know that although the progress isn’t always visible from afar, Afghanistan is developing and traversing with full speed the path to self-reliance. The investments that have been made by the United States and our international partners have made a huge impact in our ability to develop and capitalize unprecedented human capital. Nothing exemplifies this as clearly as the changing role of women in our society. Afghan women today constitute 27% of the civil service and 28% of legislators. Women are participating, and thriving, in business, education, sports, and music in ways that they never did before. This is what your support has made possible. Thank you!