Passport Requirement:

NOTE: Due to a high number of passport applications and inquiries, we will be dedicating 2 hours each day, from 2 PM – 4 PM ET, answering your phone calls regarding all passport-related issues. Please call (202) 483-6410 ext. 1022

Please read the directions carefully, complete the application form and return it to the Consulate along with other required documents as stated below.

Making an online appointment is a must. Please go to our online page for an appointment.  (Visits without an appointment is not entertained).

 Main requirement:

  1. Original National ID also known as TAZKIRA: If you do not have TAZKIRA, you are not eligible to obtain a passport. Please click on this link to apply for Absentee Tazkira prior to applying for a passport:

 Passport Application Form: ( Must be filled completely and ready for submission)

  1. Two Passport Size photos: Must be (2×2) inches
  2. Presence of the applicant at the Consulate for fingerprints: ( If for some medical or any other reason the applicant is not able to come to the Consulate for fingerprints, the applicant can get fingerprints at their local police station then mail the application along with all required document to 2233 Wisconsin Ave, NW Suite 216, Washington, DC 20007
  3. Former passport: It is mandatory to bring your previous Afghan Passport to the consulate if you have been issued one in the past. If your passport has been lost or stolen, please submit a police report with your application and a copy of your passport.
  4. If you are a U.S. alien resident, please provide documents indicating your residence in the US (copy of your Green Card (front and back)
  5. If you would use to send your passport to your house, you need to provide a prepaid return envelope from the Consulate of Afghanistan in D.C. to YOUR ADDRESS

New Passport Fees:  

  1. Price of the new Passport: The fee for the digital passport is $120.00, and must be paid to the embassy of Afghanistan in the form of money order. THE FEE IS NON-REFUNDABLE.
  2. Shipping Fees from New York to DC office: $10.00
  3. Old passport expiration penalty fees: If the old passport is expired, the following penalty will apply. Note: All payment must be made in the form of money order.
  • Three months past validity date on passport: $5.00
  • Six months past validity date on passport: $10.00
  • Nine months past validity date on passport: $15.00
  • Twelve months past validity date on passport: $20.00

 Note: You may calculate the fees if the validity is passed one year.


The issuance of a new machine-readable Afghan passport normally takes 20 to 25 business days. It may take longer in exceptional circumstances.


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Washington, DC 20007


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