Power of Attorney & Inheritance


Please schedule an appointment before coming to the consulate for any legal services. 

Requirements for Inheritance Document:

  1. A written request letter from one of the heir(s) asking for the issuance of collateral of inheritance is required. Please provide the following information in the letter:
  • The name and father’s name of the testator/deceased,
  • Place and date of death of the testator/deceased,
  • List of full name of all heirs,
  1. Presence of the applicant(s), three Afghan confessors (confessor should not be one of the heirs), and two Afghan men witnesses (two women’s affiant counted as one man’s affiant) in the embassy is mandatory.
  2. Please submit a copy of the applicant’s, confessors’ and witnesses’ Afghan National Identity document including Afghan National ID (Tazkera)/Afghan Passport or US passport/ green card that shows Afghanistan as the place of birth; show the original ID upon request.
  3. Copy of the death certificate of the testator/deceased.
  4. The fee for the collateral of inheritance document is 125.00$. It should be in the form of a money order payable to the Embassy of Afghanistan in Washington, D.C. (other forms of payment will not be accepted).
  5. A photo, sized (3×4), of each confessor and witness.

Download the inheritance form: Inheritance Form



Requirements for Power of Attorney:

  1. Please make an appointment prior to your visit to the embassy. Call: 202-483-6410- Ext:1020 and 1021.
  2. A copy of the applicant(s)’ Afghan National Identity document ( Tazkera or Afghani passport) and US residency documents (US passport or Green card).
  3. A copy of the attorney’s Afghan National Identity documents ( Tazkera or Afghani passport).
  4. A petition from the applicant(s) introducing the principle(s) and attorney(s), determining the subject(s) of the POA and the granted authorities.
  5. If the subject of the attorney is a shared inherited property, please provide an inheritance document prior to making a POA. If you have one, please provide us with its number, date and place of issuance.
  6. Two Afghan men witnesses,
  7. The fee for the Power of Attorney is 125.00$. It should be in the form of a money order payable to the Embassy of Afghanistan in Washington, D.C. (other forms of paying the fee will not be accepted).
  8. One photo, sized (3×4), of each principal/s, attorney/s and witnesses.

Download the “Power of Attorney Form”Power of Attorney Form


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