Self-Reliance Through Mutual Accountability Framework (SMAF)

Realizing the need for deepening mutual accountability between the government of Afghanistan
and the international community to face the challenges of the Transformation Decade, the Tokyo
Conference in July 2012 set out the Tokyo Mutual Accountability Framework (TMAF). The
TMAF initiated a new phase of relationship between the two, and has been effectively guiding
their activities since then. In the last three years, the political and security transition has been
completed successfully, a national unity government took the office in September 2014, and the
Transformation Decade has begun. The new government, responding to the formidable
challenges it inherited, developed a comprehensive reform agenda, presented at the London
Conference on Afghanistan in December 2014 through its paper “Realizing Self-Reliance:
Commitments to Reforms and Renewed Partnerships”. TMAF and the reform agenda of the
government together represent the actions to be taken in the future, and have been consolidated
in a single document, the Self-Reliance through Mutual Accountability Framework (SMAF). The
SMAF will now guide the government and the international community at least to the end of the
term of the present government.

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