Ambassador Hamdullah Mohib met with Congresswoman Kay Granger

Hamdullah Mohib, Afghan ambassador to the United States met with Congresswoman Kay Granger of Texas Wednesday afternoon, and discussed issues of mutual interest and ways on sustaining and strengthening a vibrant and robust relationship between Afghanistan and the United States.

Ambassador Mohib talked about how Taliban are benefiting from the criminal economy while slaughtering Afghans without the ability to justify their cause/fight against the people and government of Afghanistan. He also said that Taliban are cooperating with regional terrorist groups as part of the criminal network, turning it into a lucrative illegal business.

Speaking about the civilian causality and sacrifices of the Afghanistan’s Security and Defense Forces, Ambassador Mohib said “we are at the forefront of the war on terror – even though terrorism is a regional and global menace that requires everyone in the regional to chip in.”

The Ambassador highlighted the need for continued support to the Afghan forces, particularly strengthening the Afghan Air Force, to better help Afghanistan defeat terrorist networks.

Congresswomen Kay Granger is a member of the Appropriation Committee, which is responsible for all federal discretionary spending. She also serves as Chairwomen of the Defense Appropriation Subcommittee.