Amb. Mohib And U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren Discuss Status Of Afghanistan

Ambassador Hamdullah Mohib met with Senator Elizabeth Warren on July 25 to discuss the situation in Afghanistan as the U.S. government reviews policy options for future engagement.

Ambassador Mohib talked about efforts made by the Afghan forces in the fight against the Taliban and other terrorist groups in Afghanistan and how these groups benefit from a criminal network with regional and global linkages. He also discussed how the criminal network is financing terrorism and that continued reluctance of some countries to copiously fight all terrorist networks will grave consequences for the entire region.

The Democrat Senator from Massachusetts appreciated the efforts and sacrifices made by the Afghan forces and said Congress is expecting the Trump Administration to announce its Afghan strategy so they can debate it.

Warren was part of a bipartisan Senate delegation that traveled to Afghanistan and Pakistan earlier this summer. Following her trip, she tweeted, “While they have taken positive steps, we told Pakistani leaders they must do more to eliminate safe havens & terrorist groups in the region.”